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  • How to read a floor plan

    Erin Nicks November 29, 2022
    You’ve purchased your new home and are waiting for it to be built. During one of your meetings with the builder, you’re presented with the floor plan of your new home. But how to read a floor plan? What are you looking at, anyway? Is that line a window or a door? Is that round thing supposed to be a sink or a tub? Your floor plan will give you a solid idea of where your home's critical parts will be. But if you don’t know how to read a plan, you’ll likely be left with more questions than answers.
  • Tips for moving across the country

    Erin Nicks November 15, 2022
    You’ve made the life-changing decision to move across the country. Your reasons may be myriad — a new job, a new partner, furthering your education — no matter the reason, this is a huge undertaking and takes a ton of planning. Need to know how to move cross-country to your new home? This article has everything you’ll need to know and will answer all your most pressing questions.