A rendered image of a large white farmhouse with a black roof and large windows at Farmstead.

Some things just never go out of style. Farmhouses in the country may as well be at the top of that list.

Located in Amaranth, ON, Farmstead by Summerhill Homes offers buyers the best of both worlds – large properties surrounded by picturesque, natural scenery with all the convenience of being close to major cities. At Farmstead, residents can enjoy the simplicity of small-town living while still being a short distance away from Orangeville and the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area.

Designed with luxury in mind, these rustic homes promise to be a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design — a fitting addition to this idyllic rural township. 

Livabl spoke with Brian Ellis and Phil Calvano from Summerhill Homes to get a closer look at how this community is developing.

You chose Amaranth, ON as the home of this development. What can you tell us about the area?
The Township of Amaranth, with its picturesque fields and rising hills along Dufferin County, is a beautiful and unique location. At the heart of this small town is a community with a distinctive charm. It’s also close to the Town of Orangeville with its countless everyday conveniences and amenities, as well as other nearby townships including Grand Valley and Erin.

Who do you see as your ideal buyer?
Family is at the heart of Farmstead. Our ideal buyers are families who are looking for larger lots and more space who would prefer to be outside the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, but still easily connected to life-enriching amenities. We’re looking for people who want a special experience in homeownership, with an appreciation for quality and design, and a peaceful, measured outlook on the future.

Outdoor living on expansive lots is part of your offering, which is important given the area’s rich farming history. What measures have you taken to integrate with the community?
The area is rich in natural beauty, creating the perfect backdrop for these estate homes and neighbourhood. It’s an inviting place where your next-door neighbours become friends and your home naturally feels part of a close-knit, friendly community. Each home’s expansive outdoor space and sprawling backyard allows you to experience the stunning scenery of Amaranth. Vast, deep lots provide enough room for every activity your family engages in, whether it’s a lounge area made for relaxing evenings with neighbours or a pool for the kids to splash away in.

Here, you can harvest a spacious and lavish garden right to your family dining table. It’s a place where your family, friends and close neighbours can relax and play as bright afternoons turn to evenings under the stars. This is how backyards are meant to be — a gathering place featuring games of catch before supper or rounds of tag with the neighbourhood kids weaving through the yard. Farmstead has room for families to grow and neighbourhoods to thrive.

The farmhouse concept is built into the designs. Can you tell us more about why these models appeal to buyers? What makes them special?
The farmhouse design is exceptional and timeless, appealing to many different buyers. It seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern, combining the best of both worlds, taking what we know as “country” and transforming it into a clean, minimalist yet warm aesthetic. It’s a perfect contrast between modern simplicity and rural sophistication, with a sense of warmth and personality throughout, allowing buyers to effortlessly feel at home and creating a lasting and special place.

The Modern Farmhouse model is iconic in its essence and characterized by simplicity. The architectural design is clean with a modern twist, with sleek lines and contrasting materials, all harmoniously integrated. With the Modern Farmhouse elevation as a key element of Farmstead, Summerhill Homes also offers an alternate style — The Traditional Farmhouse. Unlike the former’s contemporary colour palette, The Traditional features stunning brick and stone work as well as classic colour packages and elevations.

There’s a small-town feel to the area, but there are also a slew of amenities. What can people expect to find nearby?
Farmstead is easily connected to its neighbouring towns and cities with convenient access to major highways and nearby townships including Orangeville, Grand Valley and Erin only minutes away. There are a variety of amenities provided by these surrounding towns, both intimate family-run businesses and commercial giants, including everything from essential shopping like grocery and drug stores to shopping malls, restaurants, healthcare clinics, fitness centres, entertainment and more.

While well connected to the surrounding area, Farmstead is also a comfortable and welcoming place to live — a place where you can get to know your neighbours and be part of a greater community. You can walk outside your door and recognize the people passing by or offer a helpful hand with your next-door neighbour’s home project. This small-town community feel is what makes Farmstead so unforgettable.

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