SOLA by Ocgrow Group is continuing to grow its partnership portfolio with innovative collaborations, making the luxury condo tower one of the most sought-after addresses in Calgary.

SOLA has partnered with Subterra geothermal systems, TELUS and Amazon to provide its residents with state-of-the-art and green technology for the best living experience possible in Canada. SOLA has become the leading sustainable energy project in Alberta, and is leading the charge in helping to decarbonize the planet.

The introduction of Subterra’s geothermal systems helps to reduce the carbon footprint of SOLA residents by at least 86 percent. Not only does the system heat the condos, but it also cools them, making it an extremely effective year-round temperature control system. Quiet and compact heat pumps in each home connect to the underground geothermal system for the entire building. Natural heat and water from below ground are collected, then supplied to each suite. The effect provides a much more stable temperature and humidity control when compared with traditional fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems. Maintenance fees for the system are lower compared to other systems, and residents are protected against fluctuations in utility prices.

In partnering with Telus, SOLA has become the first and only luxury condo in Calgary with gigabit ethernet in every suite. This connection is 10 times faster than current high speed internet speeds. Telus is offering a special two-year price to all SOLA residents as a special housewarming initiative.

Photo: Mike Fouque/ Adobe Stock

Unique to SOLA is Ocgrow Group’s partnership with Amazon, the first of its kind in the country. All of SOLA’s suites are fully enabled with Alexa, Amazon’s premier voice-activation system. Tech-smart hubs are also built into every unit. Residents will be able to access front cameras, and use the voice-activated technology to lock doors, set alarms, brew coffee and create grocery lists.

To learn more about SOLA and its state-of-the-art technology, go to, contact or Carla Hackman at

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