The heart of downtown Toronto has a lot to offer. Shopping, food, and entertainment are all at your fingertips and there is no better place to experience these amenities than CentreCourt’s newest project at 252 Church.

This is the latest addition to the downtown skyline: A sleek 52-storey tower containing 679 residential units at the southwest corner of Church Street and Dundas Street East. 

Downtown life is about efficiency. Having amenities at your doorstep is a great place to start. The Eaton Centre is less than five minutes away from the building. The Financial District is only eight minutes away. For students struggling to find on-campus living at Ryerson, 252 Church is a two-minute walk to school.

The suites inside 252 Church range from approximately 300 square feet up to 700 square feet with an average size of around 520 feet. The building offers livable and efficient spaces with a variety of suite types for buyers to choose from. There are bachelors, one-bedroom units, one bedroom plus dens, and two-bedroom units and two-bedroom plus dens available. Every part of each suite is thoughtfully designed to maximize usable space. Appealing features such as an 11-foot linear kitchen and neutral tones throughout keep the space feeling modern, bright, and luxurious – perfect for young professionals and students.

The building also comes equipped with 18,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities. The building will have a large outdoor area across two levels, complete with barbecues, dining space, and a dedicated dog run. 

A 1,600 square foot co-working space will be available for those who work-from-home. The rest of the family can take advantage of a gaming room and lounge space, spanning over 3,400 square feet. Another 5,600 square feet will contain a fitness centre, including a CrossFit studio and specially designated Peloton lounge – all open 24/7 for residents to enjoy. 

The location of the building is key for students attending Ryerson University. The school is a two-minute walk for easy off-campus living. Ryerson has an enrollment of more than 47,000 students, with a strong international student body wanting to stay close to the university. Eighteen per cent of its attendees come from outside of Canada, and more than half will likely choose to remain in Canada post-graduation. 

With only 1,144 beds available on campus, the more than 46,000 Ryerson students without access to campus housing will require the equivalent of approximately 70 252 Church buildings for accommodation – this is a phenomenal way to gain access to a replenishing pool of high-quality tenants.

 Toronto is still growing. Immigrants continue to flock to the city, taking advantage of education and employment opportunities. Thirty-nine thousand new immigrants flocked to Toronto in the first quarter of 2021. That represents a growth of 15.1 per cent, year-over-year.  Population numbers hit 2.99 million in 2020. They are expected to rise to 3.95 million by 2046. Despite the pandemic, work opportunities and employment growth are on the upswing – Toronto has experienced a 6.5 percent employment gain since July 2020. 

Meanwhile, the city has earned its status as a technology hub. Job growth in the sector is exploding, with 240,000 people currently employed at the various 15,000 tech companies across Toronto. 

Tech job growth has risen 52 percent in the last five years, with companies like Amazon, DoorDash, Google, Netflix and Reddit all expanding their footprint in the city through the opening of new campuses or utilization of additional office space.

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