Known for developing award-winning campaigns for clients like Dream, Aoyuan, Cabot, Graywood, Kaneff and many more, Channel 13 Advertising & Design is about to embark on its newest chapter. The full-service creative agency recently announced its acquisition of web development agency Vordik.

Launched in 2010, Vordik is a boutique digital agency that specializes in strategy, design and development of interactive websites and SaaS platforms. The company has previously partnered with Channel 13 on various projects from web development and technical solutions to custom integrations, over the past six years.

“This acquisition combines Channel 13’s proven skill with Vordik’s technical expertise,” says Michael Gioffre, Channel 13 Co-Founder and Creative Director. “By bringing technical development in-house, Channel 13 offers a seamless design and execution experience.”

“While many agencies outsource web development and technical solutions, we are proud to have built a diverse team of experts within Channel 13,” adds Gianluca D’Acchille, Channel 13 Partner and Creative Director.

The new addition further enhances Channel 13’s expertise and technical know-how to deliver high-impact results for clients around the world.

We caught up with Partners Michael Gioffre, Riel Sammy and Gianluca D’Acchille of Channel 13 Advertising & Design to learn more about the acquisition, its impact on client services and what lies ahead for the company.


Tell us a little bit about the company.

Riel Sammy: We are a creative agency empowered by innovation, strategic vision and a client-centered approach. We often get the question, ‘Why the name Channel 13?’ In numerology, the number 13 represents pragmatism, self-sufficiency and teamwork. As a team, we are deep thinkers, determined go-getters and creative problem solvers. We love to collaborate but also value the importance of independent thinking and creativity. While these are the pillars that drive us, collectively they create an unshakeable channel for success.

You recently announced the acquisition of Toronto-based web development start-up Vordik. Walk us through the genesis of the acquisition and the motivation behind the deal.

Michael Gioffre: The acquisition culminated a six year partnership with Vordik. As a new and growing agency our long term vision was always to build our web development department internally. We were motivated to offer a more seamless design and development experience, while being able to focus our technical offerings to fit the needs of the real estate industry.

Describe the partnership between Channel 13 and Vordik before the acquisition. What do you think Vordik will bring to Channel 13 and its clients?

Gianluca D’Acchille: Vordik was a strategic partner for our technical website builds as we guided the strategy and UX/UI design process which determined what needed to be built. When the opportunity came up to acquire the business and retain its senior level staff it was the logical option to execute our vision. We will be able to offer a deeper expertise on technical web projects and a streamlined process where design and development skills are matched in quality. In our scan of the market it is hard to find both great design and knowledgeable development teams working together to create an amazing product.

How will Vordik be integrated into Channel 13 and how will your products and services change or evolve?

Riel Sammy: Our teams are integrated and have been working together seamlessly for about a year now, behind the scenes. All team members are guided by one set of core values and one company methodology. Our offerings will become more focused so we can continue to grow the team and skill set. This will allow us to offer proven solutions to solve the true needs of our clients.


Many of your clients are in the new home and real estate industry including brokerage firms and major developers. With housing markets across the country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and unseasonal market patterns, why did you feel that now was the optimal time to complete the acquisition?

Michael Gioffre: Everything is changing now more than ever. We have seen the shift to digital coming for a while and COVID-19 has just accelerated the adoption rate. So the acquisition came at an optimal time for us because we can offer innovative digital solutions when they are needed most.

Digital advertising and content creation has evolved rapidly over the past decade. How significant is digital marketing to established firms like some of your clients and how does a creative agency like yours help them achieve their marketing goals?

Gianluca D’Acchille: We see every marketing touch point as another opportunity to reinforce a brand’s story. When you can engage and tell a deeper story on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, for example, it humanizes a company and creates an opportunity to build a deeper connection. We want to help our clients articulate their story in a way that will resonate with their core audience(s).

What is the 10-year vision for Channel 13 and where do you see future growth opportunities?

Riel Sammy: We want to continue to grow our craft and advocate the power of great design to companies in the new home and real estate industry. Our mission is to continue to carve out a place as one of the top agencies in the real estate industry.

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