Metro Vancouver is one of the country’s most dynamic housing markets. As the summer draws closer to its final few weeks, many new pre-construction developments will kick off sales for their roster of new condos, townhomes and single-family homes across the region.

Whether you’re in search of a mid-rise condo community close to public transit, or a modern townhome in a family-friendly neighbourhood, there are several new projects opening soon to fit your buyer preferences.

Here’s a list of 11 new construction projects from across the Metro Vancouver region that are preparing to launch sales this summer. The information used in this list is sourced from BuzzBuzzHome.

1. Oku – 64|Oak

Rendering: Ulmus Development via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Ulmus Development
Location: Oak, Vancouver
Architect: Arno Matis Architecture
Housing Type: Condo

2. Pure

Rendering: Lavern Developments via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Lavern Developments
Location: Oakridge, Vancouver
Architect: GBL Architects
Housing Type: Condo and Townhouse

3. Clive at Collingwood

Rendering: Nexst Properties via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Nexst Properties
Location: Collingwood, Vancouver
Architect: dys architecture
Housing Type: Condo and Townhouse

4. Forester at Burke Mountain

Rendering: Townline via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Townline
Location: Partington Creek, Coquitlam
Architect: RLA Architects Inc.
Housing Type: Townhouse

5. OAK+52 Townhomes

Rendering: Coromandel Properties via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Coromandel Properties
Location: Oakridge, Vancouver
Architect: Yamamoto Architecture Inc.
Housing Type: Townhouse

6. Oakmont Vancouver

Rendering: Contour Development via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Contour Development
Location: Oak, Vancouver
Architect: AVRP architecture Inc.
Housing Type: Condo

7. BayCrest Heights Phase 2

Image: BayCrest Heights

Developer: TBA
Location: Partington Creek, Coquitlam
Architect: TBA
Housing Type: Single-Family


Rendering: Bosa Properties via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Bosa Properties
Location: Oakridge, Vancouver
Architect: EKISTICS
Housing Type: Townhouse

9. Luxe Lansdowne

Rendering: Canderel Residential and Townline via BuzzBuzzHome

​​Developer: Canderel Residential and Townline
Location: Lansdowne Village, Richmond
Architect: MCM Partnership
Housing Type: Condo

10. The Willow

Rendering: Terra Blanka via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Terra Blanka
Location: South Cambie, Vancouver
Architect: Shape Architecture
Housing Type: Townhouse

11. Quinn

Rendering: Porte Communities via BuzzBuzzHome

Developer: Porte Communities
Location: Surrey Metro Centre, Surrey
Architect: Integra Architecture
Housing Type: Condo

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