The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on our lives, activities and daily routines. Over the past year, we’ve not only had to adapt to new lockdown measures and change the ways we interact, but also the way we conduct our work. At the start of the pandemic, workplaces across the country adopted remote work policies and many are likely to maintain them even as offices reopen.

The shift in the workplace has made Canadians rethink how they live as they balance their home and work lives. With the typical nine-to-five schedule and morning and evening commutes gone, it can be a challenge to separate work priorities from family time. Not to mention the distractions that can occur with family members and pets around. This can lead to a significant loss in productivity, efficiency and revenue.


“The world around us has changed since the beginning of the pandemic and working from home has become a new norm and a more efficient and convenient way to work,” said Tim Mouzafarov, Founder and President at URBAN Capsule, who has studied remote work environment optimization. “According to Statistic Canada, 40 percent of Canadians had to work from home during the pandemic and workers are likely not going to switch back to the office anytime soon.”

“As much as it’s a treat to be around your own space and family more often, it’s just as challenging to make the distinction between work and home life in your mind,” he added.


With that in mind, Mouzafarov and his team at URBAN Capsule have come up with a breakthrough solution that provides a modern, comfortable and turnkey office space for professionals who work from home. The URBAN Capsule is an office pod that can be installed in your own backyard, offering a secluded workspace away from distractions.

“As the gap between home and work life narrowed, we noticed a major demand for Canadians to have a space that they can use exclusively as a ‘do not disturb’ work haven,” said Mouzafarov. “With an URBAN Capsule you can save your valuable time and money renting an office space and having to commute. Plus, if you move, you can take the office with you as we’d be happy to uninstall and reinstall the pod at your new home.”


URBAN Capsule offers three models in different sizes, all featuring a contemporary, minimalistic design made to fit any backyard. With just an electricity connection to the principal house, the office pod becomes a private space complete with built-in office furniture such as tables, drawers, cabinets and LED lighting.

Look professional on Zoom meetings without having to worry about what’s in the background, or use the URBAN Capsule as a home office to meet business clients and visitors post-pandemic. Plus, they also come with an automated heating and cooling system, providing year-round functionality. Some models even feature a space for a toilet, sink and folding sofa-bed for a quick break in between meetings.

Each pod comes fully assembled and there’s no need for a building permit or foundation — just flat, levelled ground.

“When your capsule arrives, all you need to do is determine where you want to place it on your property and we will take care of the rest including crane operation,” said Mouzafarov. “Our experts can install the capsule for you within two hours and for a little extra, we can even recommend a licensed electrician to update your electrical connection if needed.”

Pricing for an URBAN Capsule starts at $32,950 and financing is available from $365 per month.

To learn more about URBAN Capsule and financing options, be sure to visit urbancapsule.ca.

For more information, please call 1 365 600 5001 or email info@URBANcapsule.ca.

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