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Location: 25 St. Mary Street, Toronto
Developer: Tenblock
Architects: gh3*

The Bay Street Corridor is home to some of Toronto’s most notable high-rise developments, including The One, which is on a quest to become the country’s tallest residential tower.

Now, a newly proposed project hopes to join the neighbourhood’s roster of skyscraping towers, bringing upwards of 1,100 new units close to St. Mary and Bay streets.

Earlier this month, an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment application was submitted to city planners to construct two mixed-use towers reaching 54 and 59 storeys at 25 St. Mary Street. Together, both buildings would house 1,143 new suites, a portion of which would be dedicated as rental replacement units. The developer, Tenblock, recently proposed another project for a 29-storey residential tower near St. George Street and Bloor Street West.

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“The proposal will enhance Toronto’s rental housing stock, deliver new housing, integrate a greater mix of uses, and incorporate a broader variety of public amenities to contribute towards the creation of a more complete and healthy Downtown,” explains the application’s planning rationale by Urban Strategies Inc.

The development site in question is located in the Bay Street Corridor, occupying part of a city block that’s bordered by St. Mary Street to the north, St. Nicholas Street to the east and Inkerman Street to the south.

Rendering: gh3*

Sometimes referred to as La Place Marie, according to the planning rationale, the rectangular site spans roughly 56,103 square feet. A 24-storey rental apartment building with 259 units that was constructed in the 1960s currently occupies the lot. Described as a “tower-in-the-park design,” the V-shaped building is situated in the middle of the site to create private open spaces around the structure that are fenced off from the public.

The proposal would replace the existing apartment building with East and West towers reaching heights of 54 and 59 storeys near the north edge of the property. A bridge element would connect the two four- and eight-storey podiums supporting each tower, with both residential lobbies accessible from St. Mary Street.

Rendering: gh3*

The project would provide 259 rental replacement units in the West Tower, along with 14 additional rental units. It would also create 870 new residential suites, the tenure of which has not yet been determined, as per the planning rationale. The breakdown of the residences would include 106 bachelor, 593 one-bedroom, 351 two-bedroom and 93 three-bedroom units, according to the application’s project data sheet.

Approximately 2,852 square feet of ground-floor retail space would be constructed in the East Tower fronting onto St. Nicholas Street. The project would also entail a 62-space, City-run childcare facility along Inkerman Street in the lower floors of the West Tower with access to an outdoor play space on the second floor.

Rendering: gh3*

In an effort to foster a “more complete, vibrant and animated mixed-use environment,” the project would include a 5,610-square-foot public park at the southeast corner of the property near the intersection of Inkerman and St. Nicholas streets.

The high-rise buildings would border a publicly-accessible open courtyard at the ground level in the middle of the site. There are plans to incorporate three public art installation sites, adjacent to the daycare, in the public park and under the podium bridge along St. Mary Street, the planning rationale says.

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A total of 44,390 square feet of amenity space is slated for the development, including an outdoor amenity area for residents of the East Tower on the roof of the bridge element that connects the two high-rise buildings. Outdoor amenity space for the West Tower would be added to the roof of its eight-storey podium. Indoor amenity facilities are also proposed for level five of the East Tower and level nine of the West Tower.

Rendering: gh3*

A four-level underground parking garage would house 367 parking spaces, the majority of which would be for resident use. The proposal also has plans to include 1,156 bicycle parking spots for short- and long-term use.

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