Walking along Jarvis Street in downtown Hamilton, you’ll be struck by what an ideal location this is for a brand-new, innovative, design-forward boutique condominium. Right in the midst of one of Canada’s most significant city-centre transformations, 1 Jarvis is a gorgeous building that achieves the perfect balance of old and new. The new residence by Emblem Developments looks to raise the standard of design and quality with price points that beckon new residents from near and far.

The Hamilton condominium market has been on deck for years, and now its time has come. Year-over-year, average prices for condos increased by 13 percent, resales were up 77 percent and average rental rates increased by 15 percent in December 2020. For the Hamilton area, 18,316 condo units are proposed, and demand will partly be driven by the 60,000 students attending McMaster University and Mohawk College.


Emblem sees the opportunity to contribute and further enhance the transformation of Hamilton. Canada’s fastest growing player in the condominium development market, Emblem has condo sites around Ontario — with more than 3,000 units under construction, pre-sale and planning — in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Mississauga. Robinson Village in Ottawa, with 291 units of purpose-built rental living, is currently under construction.

Emblem is led by founder and CEO, Kash Pashootan. He has over 20 years of experience in investment management and is known for his ability to marry numbers and finance with design and attention to detail.

“1 Jarvis demonstrates our commitment and deep conviction to the future of Hamilton,” says Pashootan. “We are coming to market with a building that exceeds expectations of design and the level of standard finishes.”

“We take the long view, and this building will set the standard for what buyers can expect from Emblem in the future. In addition to 1 Jarvis, within a five-minute walk, we have nearly one million square feet of upcoming residential development in Hamilton.”


Pashootan is also the founder of First Avenue, which manages investment portfolios and provides family office wealth planning for affluent families. First Avenue has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, Hong Times, Maclean’s and The Washington Post. Pashootan is an authority in the investment management industry and no stranger to success at the national level.

“The mark of exceptional design truly captures our everyday pursuit at Emblem. We are relentless in questioning and demanding more as we design each and every space that then becomes a building,” says Pashootan. ”We believe our obsession with exceptional design will lead to greater enjoyment for each Emblem homeowner. We create spaces that we are proud of and our buyers are proud to live in.”


Shamil Jiwani, Director of Real Estate for Emblem Developments, concurs. “Regardless of the market we build in, you will feel the soul behind our brand when you see the buildings or walk through them,” he says. “Our brand comes through in the smallest details, from the font selection of our brochure to how the kitchen countertop interacts with the backsplash.”

In Hamilton, Emblem is poised to begin building its new 15-storey condominium at 1 Jarvis in the vibrant central district. This new residence features a sophisticated yet airy and modern design by architects Studio JCI, and offers 354 units, all with balconies, and amenities and retail at the podium level. Four levels of retro, loft-like brick forms the podium, topped by 11 contemporary-style storeys above.

As for the interiors, “1 Jarvis will feature high-end finishes found in buildings with a much higher price point – such as stone countertops, full stone slab backsplashes and frameless showers – finishes comparable to downtown Toronto condominiums,” says Raki Raoufi, Vice President of Construction, Emblem Developments, who has more than 20 years of high-rise building expertise.


Part of downtown Hamilton’s draw is the restoration of historic buildings, and a $500 million investment into a new Entertainment Hub close to 1 Jarvis. Among the existing venues that will be revitalized are the FirstOntario Concert Hall, the FirstOntario Centre, the Hamilton Convention Centre and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

On the waterfront, a $140 million redevelopment project will transform the harbour into a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly community with a commercial village and a public plaza. A Bell investment of $400 million will be the largest digital infrastructure investment in the city’s history. The combined investment, exceeding $1 billion, is unprecedented in a community the size of Hamilton and will be a game changer.

Emblem is looking forward to continuing its pursuit of “resisting the norm” and executing something not yet seen in the new Hamilton at 1 Jarvis — and being part of a transformation that promises to make this city one of the best places to live in Canada.

“Emblem is a full service condominium developer,” says Alistair Rennie, Director of Development and Construction, Emblem Developments. “We will design, build and service all of our units, which makes us personally committed to each project, as we aspire to create spaces homeowners and investors will love.”

For more information, visit 1jarvis.com or email info@emblemdevcorp.com.

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