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An irregularly-shaped lot at the corner of East 29th Avenue and Rupert Street in Vancouver may finally be developed as GBL Architects has submitted a new building application for the vacant lot.

The property has sat mostly vacant for over a decade and includes a small lot with a single family home on the southeast corner.

4506 Rupert St_StackedTowns

The development application includes plans for a five-storey, mixed-use building comprising 51 rental apartments and four live-work units with commercial spaces at grade. An underground parking garage would be accessed through a rear lane, with 34 parking spaces and 98 bicycle parking stalls.

4506 Rupert St_East 29th & Lane

The building’s exterior design and U-shaped massing responds to the lot’s shape and features unique frontages on three distinct zones that surround the main lobby and central courtyard. The facade facing East 29th and the rear lane would feature four, two-storey live-work units at ground level with three levels of residential on top. The live-work facade continues from East 29th towards the main residential lobby entrance along Rupert Street.

4506 Rupert St_East 29th & Rupert Street

The East 29th and Rupert Street corner is the most prominent section of the building as it faces the main intersection. In addition to the lobby, this area would house the retail zone fronting Rupert Street and a small section along Price Street. The development would have a total of 4,489 square feet of commercial space divided into three double-height retail units with mezzanines.

4506 Rupert St_Price Street

The Price Street side is described as the most residential in character as the retail facade wraps around the corner from Rupert Street, before quickly stepping back as it transitions into a series of three-level stacked townhomes. Extra large setbacks up to 12 feet in length provide space for additional landscaping and private patio space for residents of these homes.

4506 Rupert St_Courtyard2

The courtyard area faces the rear lane and would house a barbecue area, lounge seating, playground and abundant landscaping including trees for shade and privacy.

Inside, available suites would range from 364-square-foot studios to three-bedroom units with an average size of 883 square feet. The unit breakdown comprises 11 studios, 19 one-bedroom suites, 14 two-bedroom suites, seven three-bedroom suites and four live/work suites.

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