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Tucked behind the many towering condos in the Entertainment District is the site of the area’s newest residential development, Central Condos by Concord Adex. The 1,513-square-metre (16,285.8-square-foot) lot was buzzing with activity over the summer as crews worked to excavate the project’s seven-level underground garage.


Construction on Central began in 2017 when a row of Victorian homes was demolished along Widmer Street between Adelaide Street West and Richmond Street West. Over the next year, the site sat vacant as it changed owners from Storey Living Inc, which originally planned to construct a purpose-built rental, to Concord Adex, which converted the project into a condominium.


The development will house 426 units consisting of six bachelors, 102 one-bedroom, 238 two-bedroom and 80 three-bedroom layouts. Branded as a “tech” development by Concord, Central offers an array of the latest smart home and tech features.


These include WiFi coverage throughout the building including elevators and the parkade, state-of-the-art conference rooms for remote workers, NFC access via smartphone, smart thermostats and refrigerated parcel storage. Central will also be the first condo in Toronto to offer EV charging outlets in every parking stall.


Work on the site began to pick up again in 2019 with the arrival of drilling machines to prepare for the subsequent excavation and shoring phase. Excavation wrapped up over the summer, and today, the site consists of a seven-storey pit which will eventually become the underground garage area with a total of 128 parking spaces. A crane now towers over the site as crews continue forming work on the lowest levels.


Designed by DIALOG, Central features a modern, 47-storey glass and precast tower rising above a slim, three-storey podium. Pedestrian access to the building will be from Widmer Street, while a driveway will lead to the rear garage ramp.

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