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Located in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood — adjacent to its famed Graffiti Alley — construction at RUSH Condos is on its way up. The project by Alterra recently hit a major milestone with the installation of the tower crane in June. Given the location and relatively small footprint of the site, a Luffing crane is being used instead of a typical tower crane.


This type of crane is typically used on congested or narrow construction sites as they have a very short counterjib, allowing for a short tail-swing, to avoid collisions with nearby cranes, structures or obstructions. With the crane installed, it won’t be long before we start to see the building progress up to its final height of 15-storeys.


Construction at RUSH Condos began in 2019 with the demolition of an existing single-storey brick structure that housed Stephenson’s Rental Centre. Excavation soon followed, and by fall of the same year, drilling rigs were on site in preparation for shoring. Today, crews are still working on the building’s underground levels with concrete walls and rebar-reinforced columns visible.


When completed in 2022, RUSH Condos will feature a contemporary, 15-storey residence designed by Quadrangle Architects Ltd. Designed to pay homage to the neighbourhood, the development will be clad in an intricate, open weave pattern of classic brick and embedded in precast elements.


Interior spaces by award-winning interior design firm U31 blend natural stone, concrete surfaces and graffitied feature walls as a nod to Graffiti Alley next door. Resident amenities include a climbing wall, outdoor terrace, barbecue area, party room, and a fitness centre with a yoga studio.

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