Integra Architecture Inc. has applied to the City of Vancouver to develop the site of an existing two-storey office and warehousing building, replacing it with a new mixed-use development by Reliance Properties.

The intent of the proposal is to develop a low-rise, mixed-use complex with 91 units, including condo suites, two-storey townhomes and commercial space. The property measures approximately 235 by 122 feet and covers a total area of 28,706 square feet.


Situated on the northwest corner of East Broadway and St George Street, the site is located along a stretch of East Broadway dotted with retail and commercial spaces, along with older single-family dwellings on nearby side streets. If approved, the mixed-use development would be within a local shopping area and only 250 meters from Kingsgate Mall. It also fronts an arterial street that is on Translink’s Frequent Transit Network.

According to the design rationale, “The proposed development supports the City of Vancouver’s goal, as outlined in the Mount Pleasant Community Plan, to revitalize the East Broadway shopping area [and] to provide an increased supply of housing in locations that can benefit from existing transit corridors while contributing to the development of vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods and the ability to support local businesses.”


Designed by Integra Architecture, the proposal reveals a modern, five-storey residential block with glass-enclosed commercial spaces at grade level. The facade features a two-tone colour palette, integrated balconies and faux-wood panels. Steel and glass canopies further animate the lower portion, which the developer envisions to house a collection of restaurants and retail businesses.

The three residential levels above the commercial space incorporate warm-toned brick, wood-toned panelling, white corrugated metal siding and white and charcoal fibre-cement panels. Adding a bit of colour to the project, the western concrete facade includes a mosaic-pattern painted mural designed to match the frit patterns seen on the glass guardrails along the East Broadway frontage.


Inside, a mix of suites are proposed ranging from studios to three-bedroom suites, in addition to the townhomes along the rear lane. The development would also include 75 vehicle and 210 bicycle parking spaces. Amenities include a children’s play area, an outdoor kitchen, trellised seating and dining area, fire pit and entertainment lounge. There will also be rooftop amenity space and an urban agriculture area complete with tool storage and gardens.

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