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For the many individuals and families who’ve found themselves in difficult financial situations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, local food banks have often been a saving grace, serving as a reliable source for groceries.

Now, as the impacts of the pandemic linger on, well-equipped food banks are more important than ever. One Vancouver-based developer and construction company has stepped in to ensure food banks receive a boost in financial aid to continue serving their communities.

Ledcor Group of Companies has donated $400,000 to local food banks across Canada and the US as a means of supporting children and families through COVID-19.

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“COVID-19 has had many negative impacts in our communities, and we want to help families that have been hard hit economically,” said Dave Lede, chairman and CEO of Ledcor Group of Companies in a recent company press release. “Ledcor is donating $400,000 to over 20 local food banks to support emergency food supply. We want to help children that have lost access to school and community food programs, and families experiencing job loss.”

The North American construction, infrastructure and development company spans multiple real estate segments. With one of their two head offices based in Vancouver, Ledcor Group has overseen west coast residential projects like Belmont Residences East and The River. Over 20 local food banks throughout North American cities will receive donated funds, including major Canadian urban communities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. American food banks in Chicago, Austin and San Diego will also receive a portion of the donation.

Financial donations are used to purchase fresh food in bulk so as to assist more families, says the company release. According to data from Food Banks Canada, 34 percent of the people relying on food banks across the country are children. One in nine people in the US struggle with hunger, including one in seven children, as per statistics from Feeding America.

“Today food banks are dealing with increased demands and food supply shortages. We want to ensure our communities are supported by helping to relieve hunger and food insecurity in this time of crisis,” said Lede in the release.

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