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With schools across the country closed until further notice thanks to COVID-19, families are coping with a longer-than-expected March Break. While the extra time off can provide an opportunity to spend quality time together, it comes with the additional challenge of keeping little ones preoccupied amidst working from home and closed parks and businesses.

For one real estate developer, the occasion sparked an idea to let children flex their creative muscles and artistic expression in condominium design.

“Since the beginning of the project, Reina has been about collaborative design and listening to others opinions and ideas, big and small,” said Taya Cook, Director of Development at Urban Capital and one of the key leaders behind Reina Condos, a future Etobicoke midrise created by Canada’s first all-women development team.

Reina Condos has kicked off the Reina Stuck At Home Challenge, a contest for kids under ten years old where they can dream up their designs for how they think a condominium should look. Children can unleash their creativity through painting, drawing, Lego construction or block building. When their condo masterpiece is complete, parents can share their kids’ creations with Reina Condos via email or to Instagram or Facebook by tagging @reinacondos. Five lucky winners will receive a $100 gift card to Indigo.

Drawing: Reina Condos

“As parents, we’re all facing this new reality of having our little ones at home, so we thought we’d take a fun approach to our collaboration and call on the kids to see their creativity,” said Cook. “Plus it gives us parents an activity to fill some of our kid’s time with, and we could all use a bit of that right now!”

Submissions are currently open and will be running until April 10th, with winners announced every Monday and Friday and highlights being shared on social media daily.

“We hope it brings everyone some smiles during this crazy time,” said Cook.

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