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We don’t always have control over which month of the year we hunt for an apartment and ultimately sign a lease in Los Angeles. A job offer in a far-flung corner of the city, the start of a new academic term, or the sale of your current rental could force you to move at a less than opportune time. But if you do have leverage over when you sign a lease, you may want to consider the busy holiday months of November and December.

While everyone else is out shopping for Butterball turkeys or Hanukkah presents, you should be out shopping for a new place to live! According to a report by, November is the best month to score a deal on a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, when rents average $2,400/month.

The worst month to sign a one-bedroom lease is September — unsurprising, considering that Los Angeles is home to the second-largest college student population in the United States. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in September costs $2,458/month, on average, resulting in a peak-to-trough difference of 2.3 percent, or $58.

December is the best month to snag a two-bedroom apartment, when rents average $3,000/month. Once again, September is the worst month on the calendar, as two-bedroom rents average $3,098. That’s a 3.2 percent peak-to-trough difference, equating to $98/month in savings if you choose to rent in December instead of September. Over the course of a year, you could pocket an additional $1,176; enough to cover a weekend getaway to Palm Springs.

Of course, if a variety of listings is what you’re after, the summer and fall months may be more promising. But if saving money is your goal, November and December are certainly your best bets — holiday stress be damned.

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