Photo: Mondo Mascots/Twitter

Mascots are a full-on cultural obsession in Japan. Nail salons, tourism agencies, rock bands, police stations, film festivals, car dealerships and more tout their own cartoonish characters — known as yuru-kyara — in the name of entertainment and self-promotion. 

Sanpuku real estate agency’s mascot, Madori-kun, is a wrestler with a studio apartment floorplan for a face. Donning black briefs and a spandex bodysuit, Madori-kun has faced a few beatdowns in the ring and there are pictures to prove it

Photo: Mondo Mascots/Twitter

While the idea behind the mascot design is incredibly creative, the floorplan itself is total garbage. It lacks a toilet, kitchen, closet space — not to mention that awkward nose hallway leading to nowhere. As a studio dweller myself, I would advise against such an inefficient layout.

And if I had to place a bet on a fight between Madori-kun and Japan’s most infamous mascot, Chiitan (a badly-behaved “0-year-old fairy baby”), I would pick the genderless otter any day of the week. Madori-kun just doesn’t seem like he has the fighting spirit in him. He’s a floorplan, after all. 

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