Keeping your closet tamed and tidy can be an overwhelming task — with so many pants, shirts and socks, how do you possibly keep everything in order? 

Thankfully, we have the KonMari method — a system of organization and simplification created by professional organizer and best-selling author Marie Kondo that teaches us how to tidy by category and part ways with belongings that no longer spark joy.

Master KonMari consultant and founder of The Tidy Moose, Ivanka Siolkowsky, invited us into her home to show us how she applies the KonMari method to her own closet space. Whether you have an overflowing drawer of denim or a pile of mismatched sock to tackle, Siolkowsky shares her tips on how to fold, organize and declutter your way to a more simplified closet. Happy tidying!

Video and photography: James Bombales
Producer: Michelle McNally
Editor: Kelsey Pudloski

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