Furniture company Living Spaces recently published a report on once-popular home decor trends that have past their prime using data sourced from Google Trends.

1. Rose gold

Photo: vinylhome/Instagram

2. Ultraviolet

Photo: arcedior/Instagram

3. Shabby chic style

Photo: officialshabbychic/Instagram

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4. Canopy beds

Photo: indigozhome/Instagram

5. Americana motifs

Photo: baker_nest/Instagram

6. Ikat patterns

Photo: lotsoflivingnl/Instagram

7. Mosaic tile backsplashes

Photo: livabl_/Instagram

8. Pastel furniture

Photo: madedotcom/Instagram

9. Nautical decor

Photo: australian_nautical_style/Instagram

10. Chevron print

Photo: hudson_and_harlow/Instagram

11. Edison bulbs


12. Antique furniture

Photo: robertkime/Instagram

13. Mason jars


14. Drapes

Photo: James Bombales

15. Chalkboard paint


16. Pallet art

Photo: polishandpowertools/Instagram

17. Gothic furniture

Photo: attitude_clothing/Instagram

18. Baroque style

Photo: paysagesjardins/Instagram

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