Hunker down in style this winter.

1. Pair primitive materials with luxe fabrics to create a look that’s elevated, not kitschy.

Photo: courtneygilesinteriors/Instagram

2. Curate a collection of speckled stoneware mugs and bowls to display on open shelves.

Photo: forestbound/Instagram

3. Arrange mismatched chairs around the dining table for an eclectic feel.

Photo: burtsbrisplease/Instagram

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4. Never underestimate the power of a quirky, vintage oil painting.

Photo: loomgoods/Instagram

5. Use perfectly imperfect handmade tiles in the kitchen to add visual texture.

Photo: thisoldhudson/Instagram

6. Complement natural wood with buttery, lived-in leather.

Photo: touristswelcome/Instagram

7. Turn an old dresser into a wonderfully weathered bathroom vanity.

Photo: amberinteriors/Instagram

8. Create a low-cost art installation using decorative logs (freshly chopped firewood may harbor insects).

Photo: girlandgrey/Instagram

9. Choose a wrought-iron bed frame for its timeless simplicity.

Photo: breanne.benton/Instagram

10. Contrast wood tones with bright whites to make a space feel airier.

Photo: vermontcabin/Instagram

11. Design a nature-themed gallery wall using botanical prints, preserved specimen displays and vintage maps.

Photo: theranchuncommon/Instagram

12. Couple butcher block countertops with dark painted cabinets for warmth and richness.

Photo: conklinhouse/Instagram

13. When in doubt, pile on a few fuzzy sheepskin throws.

Photo: malmo_and_moss/Instagram

14. Give your staircase a rustic modern makeover with an upgraded railing and balusters.

Photo: rachelhalvorson/Instagram

15. Apply beadboard to a blank wall to lend it some architectural character.

Photo: theinspiredhive/Instagram

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