No more meals in front of the TV!

1. Opt for a round dining table to allow for better traffic flow and ease of conversation.

Photo: lindseybrookedesign/Instagram

2. Anchor your dining table in an open-concept space with a sculptural light fixture.

Photo: copenhagenwilderness/Instagram

3. Define the space using a durable area rug that adds some texture.

Photo: jaci.daily/Instagram

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4. Design bench seating that also incorporates much-needed storage.

Photo: almostmakesperfect/Instagram

5. Consider a glass dining table as it holds less visual weight and makes the space feel airier.

Photo: westelm/Instagram

6. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors to create a cozy, intimate vibe.

Photo: almost_everything_off_ebay/Instagram

7. Choose a bench that can nest under the table when it’s not in use.

Photo: afabulousfete/Instagram

8. Keep tabletop decor to a minimum and dress up the walls instead.

Photo: alexandragater/Instagram

9. Pick a dining table at a comfortable height that could also function as a desk.

Photo: nelplant/Instagram

10. Lean an oversized mirror against the wall to fake a larger space and bring in more light.

Photo: home.ideology/Instagram

11. Get your space dinner party-ready with a drop leaf table that fits all of your guests.

Photo: ide.rumah.kami/Instagram

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