A clean home is a happy home.

1. Fake an entryway using a narrow shoe storage cabinet, wall hooks and a stylish bench.

Photo: _houseofpaige_/Instagram

2. Create a drop zone for the kiddos where they can hang up their backpacks, organize school papers and store their shoes.

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3. Upgrade to a customized mudroom complete with individualized cubbies and pull-out drawers.

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Tidy up the kitchen

4. Maximize the amount of storage in your fridge by investing in clear, stackable bins.

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5. Take advantage of vertical space in a small kitchen using copper rails and S-hooks.

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6. Sort like items with like to make pantry staples easier to locate and restock.

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Declutter the living room

7. Store puzzles and boardgames in space-saving pouches rather than the cardboard boxes they came in.

Photo: hellohappyhome/Instagram

8. Keep electronics, cords and remotes out of sight but close at hand using decorative storage bins.

Photo: simplify_in_style/Instagram

9. Opt for closed storage to keep your living space looking streamlined.

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Make your bedroom more zen

10. File fold your clothes to get dressed faster in the morning (you’ll be able to see all of your options).

Photo: lifeinjeneral/Instagram

11. Categorize your closet by clothing type and length, not by color.

Photo: ashleyjoneshatcher/Instagram

12. Utilize under-bed storage to stow away extra linens, kids’ toys or seasonal clothing.

Photo: ikea_australia/Instagram

Beautify your bathroom

13. Add a shelf or ladder that fits over the toilet.

Photo: ryobitoolsusa/Instagram

14. Swap out branded shampoo bottles for matching, reusable dispensers.

Photo: erinkestenbaum/Instagram

15. Optimize your under-sink storage space.

Photo: justanothermummyblog/Instagram

Get that garage into gear

16. Keep clutter off the floor by installing wall-mounted tool holders.

Photo: simply_better_org/Instagram

17. Use a pegboard system to organize sports equipment, outdoor games and bike accessories.

Photo: nicoleloit/Instagram

18. Store out-of-season items, suitcases and more on a sturdy overhead rack.

Photo: yourgarageorganizer/Instagram

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