The entryway is more than just a place to hang your hat! It sets the tone for your entire home.

1. Pair a large-scale piece of art with a sculptural table lamp.

Photo: sarahellisonstudio/Instagram

2. “Dip” the legs of an IKEA SKOGSTA bench in paint for an easy and affordable upgrade.

Photo: alexandragater/Instagram

3. Define an open-concept entryway with a round pedestal table and rug.

Photo: almafied/Instagram

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4. Fake an entyway with a trendy over-the-door hook, like this one from Urban Outfitters.

Photo: nelplant/Instagram

5. Add height to your setup with a tall and narrow plant stand.

Photo: abubblylife/Instagram

6. Try a chic footstool instead of a bench if you’re short on space.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Maximize (and conceal) storage with a dresser.

Photo: ashleygoforth/Instagram

8. Add a splash of color and pattern with a vibrant runner.

Photo: lizzyhigham_interiorstyling/Instagram

9. Make an impact using varying textures, both coarse and soft.

Photo: nataliemyers/Instagram

10. Take advantage of vertical space by installing a pegboard system.

Photo: studiohome/Instagram

11. Transform even the smallest of spaces with eye-catching wallpaper.

Photo: harborandpine/Instagram

12. Or design a feature wall using wallet-friendly building materials and faux greenery.

Photo: southerneclecticdesigns/Instagram

13. Hack an IKEA IVAR cabinet by adding adhesive hooks inside the doors.

Photo: naomidemanana/Instagram

14. Create symmetry in the space with a pair of wall sconces.

Photo: jenferrandi/Instagram

15. And finally, use a stylish storage ottoman to tuck away cold weather accessories.

Photo: my_norfolk_nest/Instagram

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