Turns out you can design a cramped space without cramping your style!

1. Choose an acrylic or glass coffee table to reduce visual clutter.

Photo: anitayokota/Instagram

2. Select fewer, larger furniture pieces rather than several small-scale ones.

Photo: _harlowejames/Instagram

3. Use a low dresser as a TV console if you could use some additional storage.

Photo: girlandgrey/Instagram

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4. Opt for mirrored decor pieces to bounce natural light around the room.

Photo: celeste.escarcega/Instagram

5. Embrace nesting tables for their versatility and compactness.

Photo: boneill_athome/Instagram

6. Layer your lighting to make the room appear larger.

Photo: smyk_w_kuchni_blog/Instagram

7. Try a tufted storage ottoman — it can be used for extra seating in a pinch.

Photo: mainelyabode/Instagram

8. Hang semi-sheer curtains to maximize the amount of natural light in the space.

Photo: newdarlings/Instagram

9. Install wall sconces to free up valuable floor space.

Photo: raili_ca_design/Instagram

10. “Float” your furniture instead of pushing it up against the wall.

Photo: convo_pieces/Instagram

11. Choose wall-mounted furniture over freestanding pieces whenever possible.

Photo: oursweetliving/Instagram

12. Design your space around a neutral palette, creating interest through art and texture.

Photo: thematimes/Instagram

13. Edit the number of decor pieces cluttering your surfaces — less is more in a small space.

Photo: dabito/Instagram

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