Has your indoor plant obsession grown out of control? We don’t blame you. Not only are houseplants fantastic air purifiers, studies have shown they boost concentration and productivity. On top of that, they look nice. They’re basically the best roommates ever.

When it comes to house plants, more is more. And as your collection grows, so too does the opportunity to make a stylish display. Enter the plant shelfie. We culled the wildly popular Instagram hashtag for the 11 best styling tips that will take your plant collection to new heights.

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1. Plantify an IKEA pot rack.

Photo: plantbabystudio/Instagram 

This is my own plant shelfie, so I suppose it’s also a plant selfie. I spray painted a stainless steel IKEA pot rack white, then hung macrame plant hangers from s-hooks with plants on top.

2. Show them the light.

Photo: thepottedjungle/Instagram 

These plants are living their best lives in front of this window. And they’ll offer you some privacy. Win-win.

3. Stairway to heaven.

Photo: tribeandus/Instagram

Plant family Tribe and Us made use of the space under their stairs for a striking green moment.

4. Plant nooks for life.

Photo: thejungalow/Instagram 

We might have to start a new hashtag called #PlantNook because this is just too perfect.

5. Have a kitchen party.

Photo: thejungalow/Instagram 

Too many cooks in the kitchen? A problem. Too many plants in the kitchen? Impossible.

6. Go monochrome.

Photo: natalieanastacia/Instagram 

A salon in London has made waves in the indoor jungle world with this monochromatic plant wall.

7. Step it up.

Photo: sarawenokur/Instagram

Step it up by styling your plants on a ladder.

8. WFH (Water From Home).

Photo: homebyfousna/Instagram 

Read a report, hop on a conference call, send some emails, lovingly stare at your plants. The formula for a perfect work from home day.

9. Dress up the couch.

Photo: my_green_home_and_me/Instagram

Hang a shelf or two behind your couch for the perfect high-impact statement wall.

10. Disguise the TV.

Photo: plantsomeplants/Instagram

These plant shelves literally camouflage the eye-sore in your living room (aka your television).

11. Pair cacti with rattan furniture for instant cool.

Photo: tribeandus/Instagram

This cacti collection looks so chic corralled together, especially with this vintage rattan shelf as the backdrop.

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