Proper bedding is just like fall fashion, it’s all about the layers.

1. Choose crisp white sheets as your base — they’re easy to care for and will match any duvet cover or throw blanket you pair with them.

Photo: mindfullygray/Instagram

2. Disguise unsightly under-bed storage with a simple bed skirt.

Photo: brookewagnerdesign/Instagram

3. Use euro shams to add instant volume to your pillowscape.

Photo: em_rehabitat/Instagram

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4. Learn to embrace the coverlet (that’s the quilt that goes at the foot of the bed).

Photo: undecorated_home/Instagram

5. Mix up the shapes, sizes, colors and textures of your throw pillows.

Photo: theheartandhaven/Instagram

6. Drape a luxe throw blanket across the bed for added softness.

Photo: restoring_home/Instagram

7. Hide your not-so-pretty memory foam pillows by stacking them behind decorative ones.

Photo: barclaybutera/Instagram

8. Size up your duvet and opt for high fill power to give your bed that extra oomph.

Photo: spackle_and_sparkle/Instagram

9. Go above and beyond by placing a faux sheepskin or serving tray at the foot of the bed (if only for the ‘gram).

Photo: thebearcubclub/Instagram

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