Because carving a pumpkin is too difficult and too messy!

1. These “fresh to death” 90s-inspired pumpkins covered in homemade stickers.

Photo: kailochic/Instagram

Peep the DIY tutorial here.

2. This self-care queen who understands the benefits of a detoxifying clay mask.

Photo: alilabelle/Instagram

3. These easy and totally on-trend “terrazzo tile” pumpkin designs.

Photo: laurenconradco/Instagram

Get the step-by-step instructions on

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4. These monochromatic Jack Be Little pumpkins jazzed up with paint pens.

Photo: lovelyindeed/Instagram

A DIY project anyone can tackle. Check out the tutorial here.

5. These quirky pastel pumpkins with painted faces.

Photo: mylittlebelleville/Instagram

Templates for the faces are included in the tutorial, which you can follow here.

6. This personalized address pumpkin that adds instant curb appeal.


7. Or these gourd-geous Chinoiserie pumpkins for those who aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Photo: mda_designs1/Instagram

8. These whimsical gold leaf and splatter paint pumpkins.

Photo: suiteonestudio/Instagram

9. These shimmering celestial pumpkins made with holographic self-adhesive vinyl.

Photo: beautifulpaper/Instagram

10. These en-deering mini pumpkins featuring eucalyptus antlers.

Photo: homeyohmy/Instagram

Get the easy-to-follow instructions here.

11. And this hilarious pun-kin in a metallic finish.

Photo: Pinterest

12. These temporary tattoo pumpkins that take all of five minutes to complete.

Photo: clubcrafted/Instagram

Get your Mod Podge ready. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

13. These kid-friendly fingerprint pumpkins that are cute as can be.

Photo: handmadecharlotte/Instagram

A fun collaborative project for the whole family. Full instructions can be found here.

14. This tropical decoupage pumpkin made from upcycled wrapping paper.

Photo: romydelaney/Instagram

15. These elaborate henna-style designs crafted by hand.

Photo: halifaxhenna/Instagram

16. These painted stem pumpkins with macabre messages scrawled across them.

Photo: thesweetestdigs/Instagram

Read the three-step instructions here.

17. Or this colorful and creepy pumpkin covered in painted plastic spiders.

Photo: thecraftedlife/Instagram

18. This not-so-prickly cactus pumpkin that only requires a couple of accessories.


19. This pumpkin spice latte that honors everyone’s favorite seasonal beverage.

Photo: m.s._anns_angel/Instagram

20. This pink gingham pattern that’s perfectly preppy.

Photo: jenniferdimplesandtangles/Instagram

21. And finally, these floral, polkadot and stripe printed pumpkins that make for an eclectic mix.

Photo: ktscanvases/Instagram

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