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Not to bombard you with premature holiday decorating content, but IKEA has released a sneak peek of its VÄRMER collection and it’s got us hankering to deck the halls. Made up of holiday-inspired homeware and winter accessories, the 25-piece collection is “designed to create a cozy atmosphere and to make people feel at home.” 

Familiar holiday activities like cooking, eating, socializing and relaxing were the inspiration behind VÄRMER, which will be available in October. The products were developed by two teams of international designers  — Sarah and Jens Fager of Sweden and Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner of Kenya. Both design duos are actually married couples with children, which lent a familial element their work.

“We were curious to see what we have in common and what separates the way we spend the winter holiday season in Kenya and Sweden,” says Mette Nissen, Creative Leader IKEA. “It turned out that it doesn’t matter whether you live in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere — we do pretty much the same things. We eat, we play games, we hang out together.”

Whether your holiday season is spent enjoying the tropical weather and freshly-picked avocados as in Kenya or huddled around a roaring fireplace with a mug of glögg like in Sweden, the VÄRMER collection will have you feeling merry and bright. Here we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite holiday pieces from IKEA’s latest release.

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1. VÄRMER basket, $39.99

Photo: IKEA

This hemp and ash veneer basket is minimalist in design and can be used to lug firewood or store magazines.

2. VÄRMER board game table, $59.99

Photo: IKEA

Fancy a game of backgammon? How about checkers? This board game table is just the right height for competitive kids and their parents.

3. VÄRMER bench, $99.00

Photo: IKEA

This versatile bench can be used in nearly any room of the house. Place it at the foot of the bed, by the entryway, up against the dining room table, or in the living area to be used as a coffee table.

4. VÄRMER rug, $129.00

Photo: IKEA

We spend a fair amount of time on the floor during the holidays, whether we’re wrapping (or unwrapping) presents, playing a card game or watching Elf with the whole family. Why not have a cozy wool rug to spread out on?

5. VÄRMER pouffe, $79.00

Photo: IKEA

This affordable pouffe offers the look of leather, but is actually covered in plastic reinforced paper. Use it as extra seating or a comfortable foot rest for your favorite chair.

6. VÄRMER wall sconce, $14.99

Photo: IKEA

Candles are essential to embracing hygge. This sculptural wall sconce features a mirror backplate to reflect the light back into the room.

7. VÄRMER tray, $29.99

Photo: IKEA

The beauty of the VÄRMER collection is the vast majority pieces can be used year-round. That sentiment rings true for this oblong serving tray crafted from acrylic lacquered ash veneer.

8. VÄRMER chandelier for six candles, $29.99

Photo: IKEA

Nothing says ‘Yuletide cheer’ like a Scandi-inspired candle chandelier. Made from powder-coated aluminum and steel, this clean-lined fixture will hold up much better than a DIY endeavor. 

9. VÄRMER plant pot with saucer, $24.99

Photo: IKEA

At first glance, this looks like any other terracotta pot, but when paired with a Charlie Brown-sized Christmas tree, it is sheer perfection. 

10. VÄRMER candlestick holder, $9.99

Photo: IKEA

Think of this as the glam, metallic version of the coil pot you made in your high school ceramics class. It’s the perfect holiday gift for those who are fond of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. 

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