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I feel the same way about Halloween as many others do about Christmas. We’re just about halfway through September, but I’ve already got “Time Warp” on repeat and an assortment of Jack Be Little pumpkins on my coffee table. Pinterest, too, is getting a head start on the frightening festivities with a roundup of the most-searched Halloween party decor. Keep scrolling to find out which trends are taking over in 2019.

1. Stranger Things halloween decorations, searches up 549 percent year-over-year

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The genre-spanning Netflix series has inspired countless Halloween costumes, and now, Halloween decor. An alphabet banner à la Joyce Byers is an obvious choice, but personally, I’d love to attend a Halloween bash in a replica of the Starcourt Mall.

2. Boho Halloween decor, searches up 68 percent year-over-year

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The very best Halloween decor blends into the existing style of your home, whether it be farmhouse, minimalist, or in this case, bohemian. Try a bewitching moon phase wall hanging or a mudcloth-inspired painted pumpkin. 

3. Halloween garage decorations, searches up 71 percent year-over-year

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Scare away trick-or-treaters (and keep all the candy for yourself) with frightening garage door decorations. Use cutouts of flying bats, a decal of Jack Skellington’s face, or wrap the door in streamers for a mummified look. 

4. Pink Halloween, searches up 221 percent year-over-year

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Forget orange and black, this year it’s all about alternative holiday color palettes. Pair blush pink with black and gold for a party theme that’s a little bit glam, a little bit goth. Think pink balloons, tablecloths, painted pumpkins and paper plates.

5. Pastel Halloween, searches up 164 percent year-over-year

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Why stick to pink when you could incorporate all the pastel colors? Creep it real with shades of lavender, peach, mint and pale blue. How spooky-chic is the severed hand garland from Etsy seen above?

6. Halloween gnomes, searches up 385 percent year-over-year

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Tomtes are continuing their world domination, making the leap from Christmas decor to Halloween. This figure of Scandinavian folklore gets a macabre makeover with witch hats and striped stockings.

7. Halloween cemetery, searches up 95 percent year-over-year

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Boost your creepy curb appeal by turning your front yard into a graveyard this Halloween. Think DIY tombstones, eerie lanterns, and ghostly figures crafted from chicken wire. Bonus points if you bring in a fog machine!

8. Halloween blanket, searches up 89 percent year-over-year

Photo: frockasaurus/Instagram

Society6 sells some wonderfully wicked fleece throw blankets featuring fortune teller, ouija board and The Craft motifs. Talented knitters might consider crocheting a striped lap blanket in classic Halloween colors. Drape one over your sofa to keep warm on a chilly October night or use it to cover your eyes when that scary movie gets a bit too scary.

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