Here’s how to create a focal point without fire.

1. Disguise a faux fireplace by filling it up with backward books.

Photo: acarriedaffairdesigns/Instagram

2. Add a punch of pattern with vintage-inspired ceramic tile.

Photo: charlotteasquith/Instagram

3. Arrange twinkle lights over a bundle of wood logs.

Photo: thejennyjames/Instagram

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4. Display a plethora of plants in mismatched pots.

Photo: habitpattern.sf/Instagram

5. Create a cozy ambiance with large pillar candles.

Photo: roomfortuesday/Instagram

6. Make a statement with a ceramic sculpture.

Photo: wendymorrisondesign/Instagram

7. Elicit tropical vibes with a curated collection of coral.

Photo: villa_anna_styling/Instagram

8. Zhuzh up the space with a decorative screen.

Photo: _handpicked/Instagram

9. Stack up logs with the ends facing outwards.

Photo: our_victorian_home/Instagram

10. Paint a faux fireplace in a single, solid color for dramatic effect.

Photo: niki_palej_photo/Instagram

11. Achieve a minimalist aesthetic with a cluster of painted stumps.

Photo: thenester/Instagram

12. Lean and layer framed photographs or artwork.

Photo: blacklacquerdesign/Instagram

13. Inject warmth into the space with texture-rich blankets and pillows stored in a decorative basket.

Photo: angelarose_diyhome/Instagram

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