Space-saving tricks from tiny house dwellers.

1. Built-in sofas maximize space and offer a laid-back vibe.

Photo: themoderncaravan/Instagram

2. Under-cabinet hooks provide additional storage for mugs or cooking utensils.

Photo: jacquelinesarahh/Instagram

3. A cohesive color palette creates flow from one “room” to the next.

Photo: michaelandcarlene/Instagram

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4. Wall or ceiling-mounted light fixtures won’t eat up valuable floor space.

Photo: mavistheairstream/Instagram

5. Think vertically when it comes to displaying plants and decor.

Photo: provencher_adventure/Instagram

6. Magnetic bars can be used to corral knives, spice jars, kitchen shears, bottle openers and more.

Photo: demibrooke/Instagram

7. Sleeper sectionals provide plenty of room for lounging and can accomodate overnight guests.

Photo: twinning_in_our_5thwheel/Instagram

8. Barn doors have a smaller footprint than traditional swinging doors.

Photo: stagecoachdetaildesign/Instagram

9. Curtains on a track system can be used to visually separate your sleeping quarters when needed.

Photo: leeannieblivin/Instagram

10. Sink and stovetop covers offer additional prep space and allow you to hide the dirty dishes.

Photo: happyhomebodies/Instagram

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