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I’ve always been wary of Instagramming my bathroom. I recently purchased a new print for the blank space above the toilet and snapped a photo for the ‘gram to show it off. Before I posted it, I shared the photo with my boyfriend who declared it ‘weird’ for featuring the toilet so prominently. After some strategic cropping, I posted it anyway, although it did attract a few cheeky comments from friends (“10 out of 10, would #2”). 

The lesson to be learned here is don’t be shy to share your bathroom in all its glory — especially if yours incorporates any of the top design trends from the latest analysis of Instagram data, courtesy of Harvey Water Softeners. Here we break down the 10 most popular bathroom trends and show you how to adopt them in your own space.

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1. Pure white tiles

Photo: livabl_/Instagram

Are white bathroom tiles a trend? Because I’m pretty sure we’ve been obsessing over them since the early 20th century. Keep it classic with budget-friendly subway tile or go the contemporary route with large format porcelain.

2. Dual sinks

Photo: tiffanyweissdesign/Instagram

Sharing a sink with your significant other can lead to all sorts of squabbles. Upgrading to a double vanity or a two sink arrangement will provide you with extra storage space and discourage any future arguments around beard trimmings or foundation splatters.

3. Devil’s Ivy hanging plant

Photo: bettina_brent/Instagram

I once lived in a shared rental with the most glorious shower skylight, from which we hung a planter of this easy-to-care-for ivy. And let me tell you, it thrived among all that sunlight and humidity. Hang yours from the shower rod or allow it to cascade over the edge of a shelving unit.

4. Freestanding oval bath

Photo: kdiondesign/Instagram

Who hasn’t dreamed of unwinding at the end of a long day in a freestanding tub? There are endless styles, sizes and price points to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional clawfoot tub or a modern rectangular model.

5. Geometric tiles

Photo: jenzafros/Instagram

Sorry, Huey Lewis, but it’s no longer hip to be square. These days, it’s hexagon, penny round, fishscale and picket-shaped tiles that are stealing the spotlight.

6. Circular mirrors

Photo: ca_pietra_/Instagram

For too long, we as a society have refused to challenge the ubiquity of mirrored, rectangular medicine cabinets. Thankfully, ‘new’ shapes are taking hold, including circular mirrors with stylish frames or straps.

7. Rainfall showers

Photo: saraparsons/Instagram

The broad width of a rain shower head allows you to enjoy the deluge with a comfortable level of water pressure. But upgrading to a rain shower head isn’t as easy as switching out your current fixture, so it’s best to speak with a plumber before embarking on a bathroom reno.

8. Gold taps

Photo: briahammelinteriors/Instagram

Give your bathroom the Midas touch by installing a gold faucet with matching taps. To avoid a matchy-matchy look, bring in a complementary metal like matte black.

9. Black taps


If gold is too girly for your taste, come to the dark side. Matte black bathroom hardware is edgy and chic, plus it pairs well with just about any finish.

10. In-shower recessed shelves

Photo: fletcher.rhodes/Instagram

A shower niche allows you to store toiletries and with ease. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to play with color or pattern. Choose a contrasting tile to add loads of interest to the shower.

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