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With the average cost of a kitchen renovation hovering around $25,000 in the US and Canada, sometimes a full gut-job just isn’t in the cards. But there are impactful updates you can make that don’t require a line of credit. Case in point: Peel and stick tile, which can be installed right over your existing backsplash or used to spruce up a blank wall. 

These affordable and renter-friendly decor solutions aren’t limited to the kitchen. In fact, we’re here to prove that peel and stick tile can be used in nearly every room of your house, from the bathroom to the balcony.

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1. Kitchen: Front of island

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Maybe you’re perfectly happy with the white subway tile backsplash situation you’ve got going on, but want to bring in an unexpected pop of color or pattern. Well, the front of your kitchen island is the perfect opportunity to do so. This is a project you could easily complete in 20 minutes, no contractor required!

2. Bathroom: Full-height backsplash

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A floor-to-ceiling peel and stick tile backsplash is guaranteed to make a statement. Use a narrow strip of it to add character to a power room or go wall to wall to zhuzh up a basic vanity. Be sure to use a water-resistant vinyl product if your face washing routine resembles a Neutrogena commercial.

3. Living room: Fireplace surround

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The sheer variety of ugly fireplace surrounds is astounding — mistakes were made during the 80s and 90s. If you’ve got a flat surface to work with, you can makeover your fireplace surround using heat-resistant peel and stick tile. For a more cohesive look, match the surround to the hearth.

4. Patio: DIY tabletop

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If your patio furniture is looking worse for wear, liven it up with faux tile. Square or rectangular tabletops are best-suited for this easy DIY fix. Round surfaces will require careful work with an X-Acto knife and even then you may end up with jagged edges.

5. Bedroom: Faux headboard

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Tile in the bedroom might sound cold and uninviting, but it brings drama to the space when used correctly. Stick faux tile onto the lower third of the wall behind your bed to create a boutique hotel vibe. Polish it off with a bit of decorative wall trim if you’d like.

6. Laundry room: Fab flooring

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Make laundry day suck a little less by covering up dated, dingy flooring. Because this space is typically cordoned off from the rest of the house, you can afford to make more daring design decisions — loud prints chief among them.

7. Staircase: Tiled risers

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Staircase makeovers are all the rage these days — we blame it on the widespread use of honey oak during the 90s. Take your stairs to the next level by applying peel and stick tile to the risers. The transformation will make your whole house a little happier!

8. Entryway: Accent wall

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Make a great first impression in your entryway by accenting a wall. Mimic the look of whitewashed brick, reclaimed barn wood or geometric tile. Now all you need are a couple wall hooks, a console table and decorative mirror!

9. Dining room: Tin ceiling

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The fifth wall is not to be overlooked. Give your ceiling the attention it deserves by installing faux tin tile. The stamped texture and metallic sheen will lend an Old World feel to your dining space. All that neck bending while standing on a ladder will be well worth it!

10. Balcony: Cube planter

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After completing all these peel and stick tile projects, you may end up with a few spares. Why not jazz up a basic cube planter with the remnants? It’ll give a punch of pattern to your balcony and serve as a home for fresh herbs or drought-tolerant succulents.

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