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I write about interior design for a living and even I was surprised by the results of a recent report from Joybird, the custom furniture online retailer. The most-searched interior design style in 2019 is not mid-century modern or farmhouse, but something raw and rough around the edges — industrial. 

Many of us dream of living in a spacious hard loft, tucked away in some historic building in Brooklyn or Downtown LA. The walls would be clad with weathered brick and the ceilings supported by original wood beams. Although these spaces may be better suited for sitcom characters than modern families, Americans can’t stop emulating the industrial aesthetic.

Joybird used Google Trends to collect the data, focusing on the most-searched interior design styles in all 50 states. A total of 12 states preferred the modern-meets-vintage industrial look. Interestingly, they were not specific to any one region. “Among these were Alaska, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Wyoming,” notes the report.  

Wondering what other interior design styles topped the list? Keep scrolling to find out.

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1. Industrial – preferred by 12 states

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Characterized by large windows, open floorplans, raw materials and minimal forms, industrial is surprisingly versatile. It can be easily combined with other decorating styles, like farmhouse, modern or bohemian. 

2. Vintage – preferred by 6 states

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The key to crafting a vintage interior that doesn’t resemble the set of a period drama is to blend the old with the new — like a traditional wooden dining table paired with colorful velvet chairs. Vintage proved to be the most popular design style in the Northeast, with states like Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont searching for that old-world charm.

3. Shabby Chic – preferred by 5 states


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Shabby chic also draws on vintage pieces, but incorporates soft, neutral palettes and feminine accessories. Distressed finishes reign supreme — there’s an art to stripping, sanding and priming chalk-painted furniture. Just ask people in the South, specifically those from West Virginia, Maryland, Alabama and Mississippi, who overwhelmingly favor shabby chic.

4. Mid-Century Modern – preferred by 4 states

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Millennials, much like their grandparents, can’t get enough of mid-century modern style. The timeless pieces value function and form, making them well-suited to small apartments. The Mad Men aesthetic has mass appeal in far-spread states including Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri and New Jersey.

5. Minimalist – preferred by 4 states

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Thanks to Marie Kondo and The Minimalists, the no-clutter craze is as popular as ever. Billed as a lifestyle rather than a decorating trend, minimalism also influences the way its followers dress, eat, budget and organize. The West is split between Minimalist and Industrial, with New Mexico, Oregon, Hawaii opting for the former.

6. Rustic – preferred by 4 states

Photo: wrjdesign/Instagram

Rustic style is often confused with farmhouse, but there are subtle differences. Rustic is inspired by nature — it mixes rough stone, reclaimed wood, cozy textiles and organic elements. Antlers are totally acceptable as decor, namely in states such as Georgia, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky.

7. Urban Modern – preferred by 3 states

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Urban Modern is really just a mélange of contemporary and industrial. It’s edgy, but not uncomfortable. You may even spot a houseplant or a playful pop of color! New York, Wisconsin and Tennessee are keen on this smart style.

8. Art Deco – preferred by 2 states

Photo: piariverola/Instagram

The Roaring 2020s are just months away, and I for one will be fully embracing the Art Deco revival. Give me all the tassels, geometric shapes, printed wallpaper and saturated colors. It’s the berries and Nevada and Nebraska agree with me!

9. Coastal – preferred by 2 states

Photo: timbertrailshomes/Instagram

It makes sense that this beachy design aesthetic is popular in coastal states like Florida and South Carolina. A seashell-adorned powder room just doesn’t feel right in North Dakota. Looking for coastal chic decorating ideas? We’ve got you covered.

10. Hollywood Regency – preferred by 1 state

Photo: chairishco/Instagram

Hollywood Regency was the most-Googled decorating style in only one state, but it happens to be the biggest of them all — California. The Golden State’s 39.56 million residents are curious about this ultra-glam look, which dates back to the 1930s (aka Hollywood’s Golden Age). Expect shimmery metallics, vibrant jewel tones and plush fabrics.

Editor’s note: The remaining interior design styles, which garnered the vote of one state each, include Asian Zen, Bohemian, Eclectic, French Country, Modern Country, Traditional, Transitional and Victorian. You can read the full report by Joybird here.

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