It’s time to reclaim the dining room table and carve out a dedicated space for your kids to study.

1. Transform the landing at the top of the stairs into a two-person workspace with ample task lighting.

Photo: ninawilliamsblog/Instagram

2. Or take advantage of wasted space under the stairs by installing a floating desk.

Photo: 5girlsoneboy/Instagram

3. Use IKEA’s FINTORP system and BEKVÄM spice racks to corral craft supplies.

Photo: project_widdison/Instagram

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4. Personalize the space with family photos and your kids’ own art projects.

Photo: katiemonkhouseinteriors/Instagram

5. Add houseplants to improve concentration and productivity.

Photo: liberty.interiors/Instagram

6. Hack the IKEA ALEX drawer units into a child-size desk by simply adding a tabletop.

Photo: saarkeloves/Instagram

7. Slap on some chalkboard paint to keep track of upcoming events, homework assignments and household chores.

Photo: lifeonacountryroad/Instagram

8. Turn an under-utilized closet into an efficient work station.

Photo: dwellbycheryl/Instagram

9. Maximize seating by designing an L-shaped desk that hugs a corner.

Photo: focus_builders/Instagram

10. Looking to add built-in storage? Ask your contractor to include a desk or two in the design.

Photo: ourvintagenest/Instagram

11. Choose comfy and stylish chairs that can double as extra seating when guests come over.

Photo: modern_nest/Instagram

12. Use clear storage containers to make it easy for your kids to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Photo: larainteriordesigns/Instagram

13. Hang removable wallpaper to add some instant pizzaz to the space.

Photo: mytexashouse/Instagram

14. Or spruce it up with a couple cans of paint and framed artwork.

Photo: classyclutter/Instagram

15. If you’re extra crafty, you could try recreating this funky corkboard wall mural.

Photo: jenniferperkins/Instagram

16. Loft your child’s bed to carve out extra space underneath for a homework zone.

Photo: sharipellowsinteriors/Instagram

17. And finally, use a pegboard system to keep the station clutter-free and cheerful.

Photo: peachyparade/Instagram

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