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Grandmas get a bad rap for their taste in home decor. We judge their matching furniture sets, their penchant for pattern mixing, and their fuzzy toilet lid covers (that can’t be hygienic, right?). But as the saying goes, everything old is new again, and that couldn’t be truer of these nine once outdated home decor trends. Keep scrolling to find out which of your granny’s favorite styles are regaining popularity. 

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1. Chintz fabric

Photo: jeffreybilhuber/Instagram

We thought we’d never live to see the revival of these ornately printed textiles. Chintz is coming for your wall coverings, your accent chairs, your bed linens and your sofa cushions — no corner is to be left un-chintzed! Even IKEA, who famously instructed the Brits to ‘chuck out the chintz’ in the 1990s, is bringing back floral prints in a big way. Case in point: the pattern on pattern living room seen at the top of this article, showcasing IKEA’s EKTORP sofa.

2. Cane furniture

Photo: abohemiansattic/Instagram

This weaving technique dates back thousands of years — shortly before your grandmother was born. All jokes aside, cane furniture is timeless and lends a tropical flair to your interior. Modern iterations include cane headboards, cabinets and privacy screens. Boho-leaning retailers such as Urban Outfitters have fully embraced the trend, making cane furniture accessible to the budget-conscious. 

3. Pink bathroom tile

Photo: huitlaguna/Instagram

Before you take a sledgehammer to the bathroom of your fixer-upper, consider the retro appeal of pink tile. The pastel hue is reemerging on Instagram, in bathrooms both new and old. Whether you choose to embrace the vintage tile you’ve got or clad your shower in elongated pink subway tile, this is one granny trend that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

4. Seashell decor

Photo: _lolaandlolo_/Instagram

Shell yeah, we’re embracing this grandma-approved decor trend. Seashell-shaped throw pillows began popping up on our feeds just a few months ago, and since then the motif has grown to include incense holders, wall sconces, soap dispensers and more.

5. Rattan furniture

Photo: shylacino/Instagram

As a kid, you may have poked fun at your grandma’s rattan patio set. Complete with tropical print upholstery and a coordinating coffee table, it probably looked like a tiki bar had taken over the sunroom. But these days, Millennials are raiding their grandparents’ basements for furniture made from this renewable, natural material.

6. Dried flowers

Photo: fleuralice/Instagram

Earlier this year, Real Simple declared dried flowers the “biggest flower trend of 2019.” Display your dried out blooms in ceramic bud vases or wedged between panes of glass. They’ll last far longer than fresh cut flowers and can be reused season after season. Your frugal grandmother would certainly applaud this trend!  

7. Glass block

Photo: ltstudio__lviv/Instagram

Glass block, also referred to as glass brick, dates back to the early 1900s, but hit its peak in the 1980s. This practical material draws in natural light while providing privacy, making it an ideal solution for entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms. To make glass block look modern, use it boldly — a single window or shower surround may look out of place.

8. Fringe accents

Photo: orior_furniture/Instagram

Fringe-trimmed lounge chairs, ottomans, light fixtures, mirrors and throw pillows are springing up everywhere. For a look that’s stylish, not stuffy, opt for modern silhouettes. We’re currently crushing on this fringe chandelier from Anthropologie and this two-piece mirror set from Wayfair.

9. Chinoiserie wallpaper

Photo: degournay/Instagram

Personally, I blame HBO’s Sharp Objects for the resurgence of Chinoiserie wallpaper. If you too have Googled de Gournay’s Earlham design and balked at the price, there are affordable knock-offs to be found on Wayfair and Etsy. If you’re a renter or afraid of commitment, Chinoiserie wall panels are an elegant alternative.

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