Sometimes a tufted headboard just isn’t enough!

1. DIY a delicate eucalyptus wall hanging, like this one by Amy Carrillo of Love on Sunday.

Photo: amy_loveonsunday/Instagram

2. Add dimension and texture with a Cameroonian Juju hat (or three).

Photo: leftandlevel/Instagram

3. Hang a decorative mirror to brighten up a dark bedroom.

Photo: jaci.daily/Instagram

4. Install a picture ledge to easily switch out your framed photos and prints.

Photo: dougs.digs/Instagram

5. Create a focal point on a budget by painting a large circle behind your bed.

Photo: designingatinyempire/Instagram

6. Channel urban jungle vibes by mounting a plant shelf to the wall.

Photo: drlivinghome/Instagram

7. Frame a pair of coordinating line drawings for a modern, minimal look.

Photo: jessmegan/Instagram

8. Invest in a custom piece of fiber art, like this beauty by LeLoBoho.

Photo: hartman_haus/Instagram

9. Turn an everyday object, such as this brass tray, into an objet d’art.

Photo: ball_and_claw_vintage/Instagram

10. Scour antique stores for a vintage school map to hang above the bed.

Photo: Mathew Petitti, design by Kelsey Pudloski

11. Embrace Victorian elegance with bed curtains cut from designer fabric.

Photo: bennisonny/Instagram

12. Arrange a collection of woven baskets to add some boho flair.

Photo: changoandco/Instagram

13. Or mount a couple wooden oars to the wall if coastal design is more your aesthetic.

Photo: margotaustin/Instagram

14. Bring an element of drama to your walls with an oversized bamboo fan.

Photo: druzyveins/Instagram

15. Tack up an old-school pennant with a message that resonates with you.

Photo: inspiredbycharm/Instagram

16. Amp up the architectural interest using applied moldings.

Photo: angelarosehome/Instagram

17. Install matching sconces above the bed for better late night reading.

Photo: sugarandcloth/Instagram

18. Hang your hat(s) on the wall using removable adhesive hooks.

Photo: apairandaspare/Instagram

19. And finally, rake in the Instagram likes with a personalized neon sign.

Photo: shegetsitfromhermama/Instagram

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