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Here’s some alarming news: this decade will be over in less than six months. Behr Paint is welcoming in the roaring 2020s (can we all agree to make this a thing?) with the release of a new palette of 15 colors. The 2020 Color Trends palette is divided into three distinct themes  — Worldhood, Restore and Atmospheric. Behr made their selections based on global color trends and designed the palettes to “inspire professionals and DIYers as they select color schemes for projects in the year ahead.”

The colors are bold but not overbearing — Behr aptly describes them as “approachable.” The palettes are intended for use in both residential and commercial environments. Light Drizzle, for example, would look just as appropriate in your bedroom as it would in a doctor’s office waiting room. Below we break down Behr’s three color stories in more detail.

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Image: Behr


The hues that make up Worldhood are warm and inviting. Behr’s Vice President of Color and Creative Services, Erika Woelfel, notes that it’s particularly well suited to the hospitality industry. Bubble Shell is what I like to call an ‘Older Millennial Pink,’ while Cider Spice is a trendy terracotta hue. Rounding out the palette is Red Pepper (a rich and intense maroon), Charismatic (a soft, buttery yellow) and Rumba Orange, which packs a citrusy punch.


By the time the 2020 US election is all said and done, we’ll need to surround ourselves with some restorative paint colors. “Blues and greens create a soothing sanctuary, which is why we recommend them for healthcare and hospitality environments,” says Woelfel. This palette offers a little something for everyone — if you’re drawn to dark, moody hues, consider Secret Meadow. If neutrals are your jam, try Back to Nature.


A modern take on pastels, Atmospheric feels light and airy but can’t be written off as childish. There are iterations of gray (Battleship Gray and Graphic Charcoal), in addition to the taupe-y Creamy Mushroom and subtly tinted Painter’s White. The real standout color, however, is Dusty Lilac, which may have turned this purple-hater into a believer.

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