Prepare to be labeled as the ‘fun’ house by your kids’ friends.

1. Suspend a tent-like canopy from the ceiling to channel summer camp vibes.

Photo: em_henderson/Instagram

2. Make the most of odd ceiling angles by building an alpine-inspired bed nook.

Photo: nienkelaan/Instagram

3. Install a pair of indoor swings for a dose of whimsy.

Photo: changoandco/Instagram

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4. Add a slide to the top bunk to make a quick (and ridiculously fun) exit.

Photo: amomooui/Instagram

5. Transform an empty corner into a space for arts and crafts.

Photo: hemlikheter/Instagram

6. Or turn a tiny closet into a cozy reading nook.

Photo: dusty_corners/Instagram

7. Splurge on a ball pit that will keep your toddler entertained for hours.

Photo: baby_and_kidsroom_inspo/Instagram

8. Build an adorable wall shelf that doubles as a dollhouse.

Photo: ___s.u.s.a.n.n.e___/Instagram

9. Design a climbing wall for your little one who don’t stop scaling the furniture.

Photo: lifemadewithloveblog/Instagram

10. Put your DIY skills to the test by constructing a retro trailer replica.

Photo: rickysaetta/Instagram

11. Cut a house-shaped headboard from a large sheet of plywood.

Photo: marsh.mel.lo/Instagram

12. And while we’re on the subject of plywood — why not craft a decorative tree shelf?

Photo: jan10aa/Instagram

13. Squeeze four bunks into a small space with some strategic planning.

Photo: stofferphotographyinteriors/Instagram

14. Or stay grounded with an impressive three-tier trundle bed.

Photo: hana.lerner.arquitetura/Instagram

15. And finally, be extra AF by purchasing your child a pint-sized farmhouse.

Photo: ourfauxfarmhouse/Instagram

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