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Predicting trends ahead of the new year is a total crapshoot. Sure, brands can anticipate florals being sought-after for spring (“groundbreaking”), but there’s always a chance an influencer will come along and declare polka dots the must-have print of the season. Now that we’re several months into 2019, it’s safe to make assumptions about how the year’s top trends are shaping up, and Etsy’s resident expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, has done just that. Here she shares her 7 picks for the “it” decor trends of 2019, compiled based on data from the online global marketplace.

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1. Tie-dyed textiles

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This Phish concert staple is “the latest ‘70s trend making a comeback in home decor,” according to Isom Johnson. The 2019 iteration is a bit more muted and washed out than in decades past, just like that old t-shirt you tie-dyed at summer camp. “We like to think of it as floral’s fun and rebellious cousin,” jokes Isom Johnson.

2. Art Deco revival

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Those who have grown tired of mid-century modern will be happy to know that a new design era is making a resurgence. “With over 2.4 million searches on Etsy for “art deco” in just the last three months, it’s safe to say that the 19th-century style is back and better than ever,” says Isom Johnson. Think jewel tones, plush fabrics, glittery metallics and curvy silhouettes.

3. Unexpected wallpaper uses

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Here at Livabl, we’re no stranger to experimenting with wallpaper, but it appears the trend has gone mainstream. “We’re talking adding pops of color or patterns to staircases, dressers, and cabinets,” explains Isom Johnson. “And for bathrooms and kitchens, tile decals are also on the rise – there has been a 89% increase in searches on Etsy for ”stick tiles” over the past three months.”

4. Quirky cut-out shapes

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The geometric prints of the 90s are making their triumphant return. Clearly, the graphic designers who created the title cards for Rugrats were ahead of their time. “This puzzle-like print incorporates both geometric and abstract elements, bringing the ultimate combination of maximalism and modernism to any space,” notes Isom Johnson.

5. Wild animal motifs

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“Mythical creatures are kindly stepping aside to make room for real-life animals,” says Isom Johnson. Whether you prefer leopards, sloths, giraffes, llamas, lions or elephants, there’s likely a home decor-take on your favorite furry friend sold on Etsy. “From spotted prints to full-on figures, the animal kingdom is taking over our living spaces in the forms of throw pillows, statement wall hangings, accented catch-me-alls, and more,” adds Isom Johnson.

6. Hot desert style

Photo: KnuckleheadKnobs/Etsy

You don’t have to plan a trip to Sedona to adopt this emerging style. “Earthy tones, natural fabrics, and turquoise are all must-haves to achieve this aesthetic,” suggests Isom Johnson. From vibrant serapes to steer skulls and traditional Navajo prints, there are endless ways to inject a little bit of the American southwest into your home decor — even if you live in Wisconsin.

7. Good vibes only

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Decorating with crystals isn’t just for the Spencer Pratt’s of this world. “Self-care is top of mind in 2019, so it’s no surprise that crystal-inspired decor is having a major moment,” says Isom Johnson. While cleansing your crystals under the light of a full moon is totally optional, mixing these natural elements into your existing decor is a great way to add both color and texture. “Etsy sellers are reimagining the trend by uniquely incorporating crystals into decor accessories, like dresser knobs and serving utensils,” says Isom Johnson.

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