From a seaside townhouse to an eight-digit co-op unit, here are the most expensive condos publicly listed for sale in Vancouver right now.

1835 Morton Avenue, unit 2001

The price: $12,995,000
The condo: Occupying the full top floor of the Ocean Towers co-op, which has overlooked the Pacific’s English Bay since the 1960s, this two-bedroom penthouse obviously provides some stunning waterfront views. And don’t worry about the building’s age: The 6,000-square-foot unit may be in a tower that’s pushing 60, but it’s been completed gutted and rebuilt to the tune of more than $3 million. While the interior, with its updated finishes, might turn heads, the unit’s outdoor space stands out: there are three outdoor fireplaces and a private shower area as well as lots of room for open-air entertaining.

151 Athletes Way, unit 602

The price: $12,500,000
The condo: Located in the opulent and boutique Canada House East mid-rise in Olympic Village, completed in 2010, suite 602 is about 4,500 square feet of luxury sub penthouse. Some listings claim a corner is a den, or a nook is an office but not so here. In addition to the three bedrooms, there’s a proper office — and still plenty of luxury living space.

277 Thurlow Street, 103

The price: $11,888,000
The condo: There are some downsides to high-rise living, even on the luxury side: waiting for the elevator, units swaying in the wind. Those aren’t problems with this Coal Harbour townhouse, which is technically a condo. It’s a 4,136-square-foot home with a ground-level back patio, something else you won’t find in a typical high-rise.

1233 West Cordova Street, unit 1901

The price: $11,288,000
The condo: So the finishes may leave something to be desired, but the dual balconies — which offer a very-specific 270 degrees of ocean views, as per the listing —should make up for it. The master bedroom has a double-steam shower and jetted tub, while you’ll also find more practical considerations in the come, like a separate laundry room and abundant storage space.

1139 West Cordova Street, 104

The price: $10,980,000
The condo: Just up the road, this townhome-condo is linked to Stanley Park’s the Sea Wall trail. It boasts shared luxury amenities you might find in a much larger, tall condo project, but rarely in a low-rise community. These include a sauna, virtual golf setup, and 24-hour concierge service.

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