How to show off your wares in a way that’s chic, not cluttered.

1. Proudly display your enamel pins on a canvas banner.

Photo: salutingsolomagpies/Instagram

2. Group rolling pins together in a large ceramic crock.

Photo: fishman1963/Instagram

3. Cluster vintage globes for a bigger visual impact.

Photo: daisy_mae_designs/Instagram

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4. Layer mirrors of various shapes and sizes.


5. Turn a collection of keys into a piece of wall art.

Photo: junkstyledesign/Instagram

6. Line up vintage cameras on narrow floating shelves.

Photo: tamsynmorgans/Instagram

7. Use cup hooks to hang prized kitchen utensils.

Photo: oddsmithshop/Instagram

8. Curate artwork with an overarching theme.

Photo: 3dottersvintage/Instagram

9. Arrange colored glassware in ROYGBIV order.

Photo: fernandbone/Instagram

10. Show off your rock collection with a DIY pegboard display.

Photo: nationalhrdware/Instagram

11. Arrange tiny tsotchkes in a printer’s tray.

Photo: fleamarketdecor/Instagram

12. Install record ledges to showcase your favorite album covers.

Photo: emilyjanelathan/Instagram

13. Group porcelain plates by color for a cohesive look.

Photo: southernladymag/Instagram

14. Gather glass bottles together to amp up visual interest.

Photo: thisoldcapehouse/Instagram

15. Present your treasured wares in a curio cabinet.

Photo: luxereportdesigns/Instagram

16. Hang postcards from your travels in a mobile.


17. Display crystal doorknobs or pulls on a cake stand.

Photo: vintagecrushin/Instagram

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