Standing inside the fifth wheel camper that interior designer and HGTV personality Jo Alcorn transformed, you can barely tell the home is mobile. In fact, the stunning space feels more like a spacious, luxurious condo than a recreational vehicle.

“We had a long ride getting it to this point,” Jo tells Livabl. When she got the keys, it was dark, dated and closed off — making the small space feel even more cramped. In this video, Jo shares the space-saving tips and tricks she used to maximize every square inch — whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a single-family home brimming with stuff (and family members). You don’t need a fifth wheel camper to incorporate a cohesive color palette, functional “flow plan” and impactful decor touches that will make your space feel just as good as the open road.

Jo’s parents will be taking the RV around this summer (lucky them!), but you’ll have the opportunity to step inside for a tour while it’s on display at the Backyard Living Expo in Mississauga, Ontario from March 29th to the 31st. Don’t miss it!

Video and photography: James Bombales
Producer: Jenny Morris
Editor: Kelsey Pudloski

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