How to live large when you’ve got limited square footage.

1. Use a buffet or a long and low dresser as your media console for added storage.

Photo: livingbylo/Instagram

2. Hang a canopy over the bed to visually separate the sleeping quarters.

Photo: 31_m2/Instagram

3. Use pretty baskets to hide not-so-pretty clutter.

Photo: mk.boho/Instagram

4. Install a divider screen that makes your bed feel separate, but still allows light to pass through.

Photo: duetonwilcox/Instagram

5. Choose light fixtures that don’t take up valuable floor space, like plug-in sconces or pendants.

Photo: Pinterest

6. Opt for a small-scale sofa (like this loveseat) in a punchy color.

Photo: maevestier/Instagram

7. Got an overstuffed pantry? Use a tension rod to hang a panel of fabric that complements your existing decor.

Photo: 2aaaara/Instagram

8. Incorporate multifunctional pieces of furniture, like a filing-cabinet-turned-nightstand.


9. Choose a desk that you can use as a vanity *and* a workspace.

Photo: champagneandsequins/Instagram

10. Invest in a modular sofa with a handy ottoman that can be used as a coffee table or transformed into a sectional.

Photo: miya1975/Instagram

11. Use acrylic furniture to make the studio feel open and airy.

Photo: citychicdecor/Instagram

12. Lean a floor mirror against the wall to bounce more light into the space.

Photo: thewhimsysoul/Instagram

13. Give yourself additional counter space (and storage) with a kitchen cart on castors.

Photo: beatwixt_home/Instagram

14. Easily corral cooking utensils using rails and S-hooks.

Photo: micksgrid/Instagram

15. Maximize vertical storage with tall and narrow shelving units.

Photo: itspaulfisher/Instagram

16. Optimize flow with a round dining table, as there are no sharp corners to dodge.

Photo: triadphoto/Instagram

17. Spruce up a boring white wall with removable decals or wallpaper.

Photo: murderandstyle/Instagram

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