Elevate your home’s style *and* your plants.

1. Spilling out of the open drawers of an armoire.

Photo: syl_loves/Instagram

2. Hanging from a simple wooden dowel.

Photo: bookhou/Instagram

3. Arranged in and on top of a curio cabinet.

Photo: lobsterandswan/Instagram

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4. Tucked inside a wall-mounted shelving unit.

Photo: thuisjungle/Instagram

5. Tumbling out of shadow boxes.

Photo: Pinterest

6. Growing vertically with the help of a trellis.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Twisted around architectural beams.

Photo: laid_back_farmhouse/Instagram

8. Hanging off geometric hooks in a stairwell.

Photo: Pinterest

9. Poking out of an upcycled object.

Photo: botanical_project/Instagram

10. Swinging from a room divider screen.

Photo: Pinterest

11. Dangling from a suspended ladder.

Photo: stella_telegraph/Instagram

12. Placed on a shelf above the doorway.

Photo: lalawsk/Instagram

13. Perched on pegboard shelves.

Photo: geo_fleur/Instagram

14. Lined up on acrylic shelves in front of a window.

Photo: skunkboy_/Instagram

15. Nestled inside a hacked window box.

Photo: gummergal/Instagram

16. Grouped together on a vintage rolling cart.

Photo: la_sidhu/Instagram

17. On a spare bench or stools when they’re not in use.

Photo: haarkon_/Instagram

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