Be gone, electric blanket!

1. Swap out your bed runner (the throw at the foot of the bed) for something more lightweight.

Photo: thehouseonbeachroad/Instagram

2. Brighten up a dark bedroom with wall sconces — if you’re a renter, choose a plug-in model.

Photo: Pinterest

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3. Hang up a few spring-like hats (for storage and instant wall art).

Photo: cynthia_harper_/Instagram

4. Ditch your mountain of throw pillows in favor of an extra-long lumbar pillow.

Photo: kitmanlucia/Instagram

5. Paint an accent wall and give it some texture.

Photo: simplygrove/Instagram

6. Rearrange your bedroom furniture (yes, it’s okay to place your bed in front of a window).

Photo: thegoldhive/Instagram

7. Add a large indoor plant to improve air quality and lower stress levels.

Photo: jennikayne/Instagram

8. Invest in a brand new headboard. Looking for inspo? We’ve got you covered.

Photo: amandabarnesinteriors/Instagram

9. Flip and/or rotate your mattress to prevent irregular wear.

Photo: hawkes.landing/Instagram

10. Take the time to print and frame those precious family photos.

Photo: chrislovesjulia/Instagram

11. Declutter your closet and treat yourself to all-matching hangers.

Photo: candicemtay/Instagram

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