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What’s the best way to shake off the winter doldrums? Daydreaming of summer, of course. IKEA recently introduced its limited-edition summer 2019 collection, a collaborative effort that includes contributions from designers Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and the design collective, Textilgruppen & Papperian.

“Textilgruppen & Papperian has been run by Växjö County in Sweden since 2001, as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art,” reads a statement from IKEA. “Consisting of 26 artists, they work mainly with paper and textile designs, but create sculptures too.”

The collection emphasizes bold, geometric patterns in saturated hues. It’s a little bit retro (think late-60s flower power vibes), but undeniably modern (complete with LED solar-powered lighting). With this collection, IKEA has reached far beyond furniture to include beach towels, charcoal grills, shade umbrellas and outdoor dinnerware — basically everything you need for guaranteed summer fun. Here we’ve rounded up our 13 favorite items from the new release, which will be available in-store and online starting February 16th.

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1. Picnic basket, $19.99

Photo: IKEA

Pique-nique, c’est chic.

2. LED lantern, battery-operated, indoor/outdoor, $3.99

Photo: IKEA

How cute is this handheld lantern?

3. HAVSTEN loveseat, indoor/outdoor, $520.00

Photo: IKEA

Here’s an outdoor sofa we could really sink into.

4. FUNKÖN cushion, indoor/outdoor $8.99

Photo: IKEA

The extra-long lumbar pillow trend has made its way into outdoor decor.

5. TRANARÖ stool/side table, indoor/outdoor, $19.99

Photo: IKEA

Is it a stool? Is it a side table? It’s whatever you want it to be! P.S. This item is not yet available online.

6. KLASEN charcoal grill insert, $129.00

Photo: IKEA

The new KLASEN system allows you to customize the base of your charcoal grill. Choose from wood or metal designs with optional storage cabinets.

7. KLASEN underframe, $69.00

Photo: IKEA

This ultra-affordable, stainless steel option looks like it could be hacked into an outdoor serving cart.

8. SOMMAR 2019 glasses, $7.99/6pack

Photo: IKEA

We love these daisy-patterned glasses bunches!

9. FEJKA artificial potted plant (eucalyptus), $19.99

Photo: IKEA

Finally, a plant that won’t die when you go away on summer vacation.

10. SOLVINDEN series LED solar-powered floor lamp, outdoor, $39.99

Photo: IKEA

No cords or plugs are needed to power this adorable solar floor lamp.

11. OTTERÖN/INNERSKÄR pouffe, indoor/outdoor, $59.99/each

Photo: IKEA

Made from recycled polypropylene, this pouffe is fade-resistant and ideal for kicking up your feet.

12. SOLVINDEN LED string lights, $34.99

Photo: IKEA

Add some color to a ‘blah’ balcony with these LED string lights.

13. SOMMAR 2019 rug, $29.99

Photo: IKEA

Caring for this striped outdoor rug couldn’t be easier — if it gets dirty, simply hose it off and hang it up to dry.

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