Want to get ready faster in the morning? Make these affordable organizing updates to your bathroom.

1. Install wall-mounted hooks to hang towels with ease.

Photo: bloggaibagis/Instagram

2. Use a utility cart (like this fan-favorite IKEA model) to corral toiletries.

Photo: thehullspace/Instagram

3. Free up space in your medicine cabinet using organizers that mount to the inside of the door.

Photo: organize_it/Instagram

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4. Combat messy drawers with acrylic dividers.

Photo: emmaleyotis/Instagram

5. Hang shelves over the toilet to maximize vertical storage.

Photo: the_rusticpallet/Instagram

6. An extra-tall blanket ladder will also do the trick.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Instantly double your under-sink storage using two-tier pull-out shelves.

Photo: sageorganization/Instagram

8. Fold towels using the filing method (a.k.a. the KonMari way).

Photo: theorderlyspace/Instagram

9. Send your hair products for a spin with a few Lazy Susans.

Photo: thehomesort/Instagram

10. Group like items together and label their containers.

Photo: thehomeedit/Instagram

11. Simplify your morning routine by keeping your most-used products within reach.

Photo: mikaperry/Instagram

12. Store not-so-pretty bathroom essentials in baskets that make you smile.

Photo: simplyspaced/Instagram

13. Put a bit of magnetic tape inside a drawer to prevent bobby pins from going AWOL.

Photo: ida_elis/Instagram

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