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The adage “out with the old, in with the new” not only applies to bad habits (too much screen time), dinner rotations (pizza again?) and overstuffed closets (nobody needs 20 zip-up hoodies), but the ways that we decorate our homes. Which decor trends are on the rise, and which ones are on their way out in 2019? We asked five interior designers to share their expert opinions.

If you’re considering a top-to-bottom room revamp or are just looking for a few easy ways to amp up your home’s style, these trend savvy designers have got you covered.

IN: Cheetah print

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“I’ve been a huge fan of this print since I was 13,” admits Jaclyn Harper, owner and principal decorator at Jaclyn Harper Designs. “Believe it or not, I actually had cheetah print lampshades in my room throughout my teens. We’re seeing this print popping up all over the runways and ultimately what takes off in fashion eventually makes its way into the interior design world.” Want to go wild with the bold animal print? Harper recommends incorporating cheetah print pillows, muted cheetah print area rugs, and even cheetah print wallpaper in 2019.

OUT: Matching metals

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“There has been a lot of play with mixing metals over the past few years and I absolutely love it,” says Harper. “I find when everything is in one finish it can look really boring and safe. The same rule can apply to your furniture — gone are the days of ‘buying the set.’”

Mixing metals can be intimidating for first-timers, but Harper offers a few tips: “I would encourage using at least two to three metals in a space. Choose one dominant metal and then accent with the others. You can use height to help your eye distinguish the separation. Do this by keeping all of the metals along a specific level in the same finish. In the end, you’ll have an eclectic vibe that’s on trend!”

IN: Moody hues

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All-white-everything had its moment, but the future is looking much more colorful. “One trend I think will take off for 2019 is the departure from all white walls, light furniture and overall cool tones, and moving into the more moody, masculine, dark tones that will read much warmer,” says Genna Margolis of Shapeside, an LA-based design studio.

OUT: Statement tile

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“One trend I would LOVE to see disappear is statement tile,” confesses Margolis. Whether plastered on bathroom floors, shower walls or kitchen backsplashes, ceramic tile was the design pièce de résistance for many a season. “I just never liked really bold, loud crazy patterns and hope the trend never comes back,” Margolis laughs.

IN: Green living

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“Sustainability is becoming a bigger and bigger trend in terms of interior design,” explain Holly Conlan and Gabriela Eisenhart, the design duo behind Wake + Loom. Just like fast fashion, fast furniture is quickly falling out of favor with consumers. “The types of materials people are using to create beautiful pieces are becoming more purposeful and renewable.”

OUT: Playing it safe

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“We are seeing more of our clients allowing us to make bold choices with their spaces,” say the bi-coastal designers. “We are loving playing with the organic shapes in furniture lines and statement pieces that we have been seeing more of lately.” Consider a curvy sofa in a plush fabric or a bright area rug that will transform the entire look of your space.

IN: Hygge at home

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“Staying cozy and comfortable and making the home feel like a warm hug continues to be a strong dominating trend in 2019!” says designer, productivity coach and YouTuber Lisa Canning.

The Danish art of hygge, which roughly translates to a feeling of coziness, can be adopted in many ways. “Not only is it through chunky knit blankets — think essential oils in diffusers, slow cooked meals, and pour over coffee. This approach to cozy is for all the senses.”

OUT: White kitchens

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“While a white kitchen won’t ever really go away, color in cabinetry has been fully embraced,” notes Canning. “Even the big box stores have embraced blues, greens and other hues into their standard cabinet color offerings!” If you’re hesitant to go all-out with color, consider a two-tone look with a darker hue for the lower cabinets and a white or wood tone on the uppers. “White and grey cabinets — move over, color is making its statement,” says Canning.

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