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This Valentine’s Day we mourn the loss of conversation hearts, the chalky-tasting, slightly creepy (MY PET?!) Necco candies. They were festive fillers for flower vases, hurricane candle holders and apothecary jars, so for that reason we will miss them dearly. But fret not, there are still plenty of creative ways to decorate for the holiday of love. Just ask Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson — she’s come up with 5 Valentine’s Day decor trends based on data gathered from the online global marketplace.

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1. Faux florals

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Unless you’re arranging a bouquet of blooms from your own garden, cut flowers are not exactly sustainable. Instead, opt for wooden bouquets or framed pressed flowers. “They’ll last oh-so long, an especially thoughtful gift for those who struggle to keep plants alive,” says Isom Johnson.

2. Self-care

Photo: CalhounAndCo/Etsy

Self-care is more than a trend, it’s a movement. Gift yourself (or, you know, a loved one) a decor item that encourages relaxation, such as a lavender-scented soy candle or a cozy throw blanket.

3. Anti-Valentine’s Day

Photo: fieldtrip/Etsy

If you fall into the “love to hate on” Valentine’s Day camp, you’ll be smitten with all the anti-V-Day decor. Try a cheeky coffee mug, needlepoint or succulent planter.

4. Anatomical Hearts

Photo: AnaSofiaCastanon/Etsy

“Many love birds are yearning for a new way to ‘pour their hearts out’ in a not-so-overly-sweet-way this year,” explains Isom Johnson. “In fact, Etsy has already seen over 32K searches related to “anatomical hearts” in the months leading up to February.” Gift a genuine gold decor accent, watercolor heart illustration or laser-cut artwork this holiday.

5. Romantic Wreaths

Photo: ChiChiMoi/Etsy

Wreaths are now a year-round affair, and Valentine’s Day variants in particular have been growing in popularity. “You can go all out with a pom pom heart accent, or opt for a blush-inspired evergreen wreath that will easily transition into a spring-appropriate statement piece,” suggests Isom Johnson. Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could hang it on the front door?

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